Own up- How many Paypal accounts do you actually have?

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You are only supposed to have 1 paypal account, right?
(connected to 1 address)

but many people have many. for many reasons. I spoke to somebody the other day who has many

How many of you have 2,3 even 4? and why do you have so many?
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    Only have 1. In order to be of any value, your Paypal account needs to be attached to a bank account. You would need multiple bank accounts in order to really use more than one Paypal account.

    Of course, if you are only receiving money into the account and only spending it from the account, you don't need the bank account but that's probably not the case for most of us.

    You could easily have a personal and business account though. That would work.
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      You are only supposed to have 1 paypal account, right?
      (connected to 1 address)
      I believe your premise may be incorrect.

      I have 3 PayPal accounts. One each attached to 3 different cards. Only 1 is verified.

      I found this out by accident when I was testing my PayPal button links, AWeber links, etc. When I bought my own product with a different card, PayPal created another account.

      Hope this helps.

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    I know people who have several.
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    I have only one PayPal account, but I have few emails attached with that PP account. Why you need several PP account?
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    Originally Posted by entry View Post

    You are only supposed to have 1 paypal account, right? (connected to 1 address)
    You are allowed to have one personal and one business.

    I occasionally talk to PayPal to see if they've come up with any way to let people have several business accounts, because after all I own and operate several businesses.

    It's been a few months since I talked to them about that, so I might call them about it again tomorrow.
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    It would be nice to be able to have more than one...its difficult for them to see your business name instead of the website name since for me they know me by my site names, not some random business name we have as an umbrella for all my sites. If you make any headway CDarklock, please let us know here!
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    i have 6. 3 for business and the other 3 are none of you business
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    I have 3 Paypal accounts. 2 in my name and one in my friends name. I needed to set it up that way to get money from friends accounts to mine and back and forth between my bank account in Kansas City and Wisconsin. Kind of confusing but it creates a good flow of cash and if one shuts down or freezes up I have no worries.
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      I have one personal account and two business accounts because one is associated with 2 other partners (corporation). I disclosed everything to Paypal and they helped set up the account knowing full well of all of my business with them.

      There is nothing to own up to, and they were glad to help.
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    lifetime i've had 7. now 2
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    You can have 1 premier (or business) account and 1 personal account at the same time.
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    I personally have two. One is a personal account and the other is a business account. Paypal allows you to have two accounts: one personal and one premier or business account.
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    Y'all know people who work for PayPal monitor this board right? For the record I have one.

    George Wright

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