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hello friends

i have designed a website with a collection of more than 1500 free stuff links hand picked (no broken and spam links) , but still not able to generate a good amount of traffic.

i really am confused as i have tried various seo techniques and infact started providing rss and some other cool stuff too. please do suggest me some good techniques as i am really from a development background and not so much informed about how marketing goes on web.

I have even tried Google Adwords Marketing, but they rejected my ad as it was against their TOS.
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    How long have you been doing the SEO, this sometimes does not happen overnight.

    It is like the penny doubling each day, keep at it and you will see results.

    Not always fast at first but being consistent and doing it daily will get you traffic.

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      You are doing the SEO but are you ranked well for keywords that are getting searches? SEO takes time and if your site is new, it will take about 3-6 months to start getting the avalanche of traffic from search engines.

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