Any tips on promoting my original youtube video - so it goes viral?...

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I have a newsworthy (an in the news topic) 1:30 youtube video I want to promote quickly.

It's of the semi-kooky variety. I have a domain name that leads to it (leads to the youtube vid)

I thought...

1) Telling bloggers about it.
2) Adding it as video responses to already popular, related vids.
3) Posting it on various hosting sites (other than youtube).
4) Online press release(s).
5) Offline press release(s) (faxed out manually to n'papers + TV + radio)

Any other ideas?

It's urgent because the topic is the US election -- so I must promote it immediately.


-- TW
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    Well, what is it? Let us take a look.
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    I would put it on your WF signature. I see that you don't currently have any items in your signature, so I would fill all allowable spaces from the signature with at least 3 different key phrases.
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    It needs some polishing up -- I'll post the link later when it's all set. Just looking for tips in general now.
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    This is the link...

    -- if you have any addt'l ideas on how I can promote it, let me know!


    -- TW
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    I'd stick to just listing it on youtube and promoting it on forums with related topics.

    Once the video builds up views and comments, it will start attracting viewers through youtube. That's assuming you have good content.

    It helps to have a lot of subscribers to kick start your views and comments count but this is not useful to your situation.

    Key words in the title and video description are important for youtube SEO and for showing up in google AND for attracting viewers attention.

    Also make sure that the video image you choose (a choice of three) is eye catching. This may involve editing and testing.

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