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:confused: i,ve just joined the internet intercircle,I,m not sure where to start. any advise would be greatly appreciated. i,m wanting to put a product out their and find a investor. Any links or suggestions on some steps I would take to achieve this, would be wonderful.Also I,m new to the computer, So I'll probley make mistakes. thanks for the time it took to read this. Any help would be great
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    Hi Jodie Mitcham,

    Welcome to the world of Internet Marketing and to the Warrior Forums! If you're not sure where to start, try starting with the PIPS 30-Day Guide. It'll give you a good idea on what to do and how to start. You should receive that in your e-mail soon.

    If you want to sell a product, I highly recommend ClickBank (Digital Products Retailer: Affiliate Program & Sell Online - ClickBank) and sign up as an affiliate so you can start selling some of the products they have there.

    Enjoy your journey in the "internet intercircle"!


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