Best places to hang up POSTERS/FLYERS to advertise your business? The library?

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Hi all,

I was just wondering what people have done in terms of offline promotion for promoting their business by putting up posters and/or flyers, and if so, where you've found are generally good or acceptable places to put them?

I was thinking the library however i'm not sure if it is legal as they are designed as "Community notice boards" rather than a place for people to advertise their business :confused:

Any advice would be appreciated
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    what is your niche?
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    well anyways the best places to put flyers are places where people in your niche frequent
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    I guess you can insert your flyers inside books that your target audience would read. Dog training flyers inside pet books. How to earn passive income flyers inside Rich Dad Poor Dad.

    BTW, if you find a book that already has a flyer in it, move on to the next book. Respect the person that got there before you did.
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    Thanks for the replies guys.

    As for our niche, the one I'd be looking to promote is High Definition Wireless Surveillance cameras as it gives us a chance to show a visual sample of how much better the quality is than regular analogue surveillance. I've been swaying back and forth about the idea of putting flyers/business cards inside library books; it might work, but it just seems so "trashy", I'm not sure whether it would help or hurt the business image
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    Yea the Library. sell ebooks. lol

    For the time, money, gas, etc. to spend spreading your flyers all over the town you'd be better off spreading butter on bread. Flyers are for concerts, yard sales and things of that nature. You place a flyer about internet business anywhere and I'll bet someone will take it down to either bring it home for reference (1 person) and do nothing with it or tear it down because they think its another scam.

    If you want to do offline business you've got to go direct to the source which is the company's front door.
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    High Definition Wireless Surveillance cameras?. Ok now we're talking. Here's the #1 people you should be talking to ... Real Estate Agents, Local Contractors, etc.

    I tried this niche before but my competition was too strong. They made a name for themselves in my local community.
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    Yeah.. Urinals would be great. LOL! people would never miss it. Anyway, first determine what is your niche then maybe you could be a research where to best place your flyers. Library could be a good idea but there are still other things that could help you.

    Example: about pets - post flyers in pet shops
    about vehicles - post them in car shops.
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    There aren't many, if any, public places that you can legally put flyers and posters. There are places of business where you can ask if you can put one up, but good luck with that.

    You also can't distribute flyers in a parking lot. Did that once a long time ago and was threatened with a lawsuit if I ever did it again.

    But think about it ... flyers laying all over public places isn't going to make your business look professional. Professionals will take out an ad in the newspaper or magazines, etc. They don't litter.
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    Makes me think about way back when I was organizing and promoting party's. Learned a lot of "offline" skills back then that also apply to online marketing. Most imported: which group or you targeting? If you're selling books, the library would be fine. If you're promoting your restaurant it's better to advertise near your competitors. Just like online marketing it's all about targeted traffic!
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    Why not send postcards?

    My experience with flyers is that they work well for home services (lawn care, pest control, carpet cleaning) when left on the doors of homes.

    If they are left anywhere else (in public areas), they aren't very good for anything unless you are selling a used car, giving away a free dog, or you are a babysitter.
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    Flyers are very rarely productive, and most definitely will not produce the results you're looking for. Within the next two weeks I will be promoting a business with physical products, and the method I'll be using should be effective. PM with your email address, and I'll let you know how well it works out. Oh. The physical product is portable mining equipment and related products.
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    I made a killing last week using drop cards at the San Diego fair.

    Wouldn't work for surveillance cameras though...
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    advertise in ptc sites or keep on posting in forum
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    College dorms and teacher lounges are best places to place your flyers.
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    The OP you are replying to is almost 3 YEARS OLD.

    If he hasn't figured it out by now, he isn't going to.

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