How to create download pages within DLguard?

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Hi All!

Does anyone know if there is a tutorial or something along those lines within dlguard on how to create secure download pages for your pdfs? I downloaded and installed dlguard just fine, but I'm a tad bit confused on how to properly get the download pages set up so that I can go ahead and submit everything over to clickbank

Thanks for the help in advance!
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    Or if Sam wants to chime in here that works too!
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    Do you know what?

    Sam has a great support forum hosted on his own web server. You could always try asking your questions there.

    You get a quicker response that way.

    Hope that helps.

    Kindest regards,

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    Originally Posted by Jeff Hope View Post

    Did you click on the Add New Product button on the upper left?

    When you do that, it asks you, among other things, for the URL of Product File - you need to upload your PDF somewhere to your site, then enter the location in that field.

    There are also question marks beside each field that you can click & see a lightbox display with info for that field.

    Thanks for the response Jeff! I'm going to go play around with it right now, but do I have to create a new page on my site, THEN point dlguard to it? That's how it's supposed to work yes?
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      Thanks for the quick reply Jeff! I'm going to go play with it now and see if I can get it done just right!
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    Hi Mike,

    It sounds like you may have already got it all sorted out, but basically it's all automatic.

    You don't need to create your own download pages, DLGuard does it for you.

    All you do is add the URL to your PDF file into your product page, and that's it.

    DLGuard will then create a secure download area, and put secure download links on it for you.

    Naturally you can also modify this download area if you want, it's all standard HTML.

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      I honestly don't know how you do it! You always respond to every post on Dlguard and every PM I always send ya! You're amazing! Thank you!


      I just found the clickbank walk through in my admin area and it looks pretty strait forward, so I'm gonna give it all a try right now

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