What's your best way "making money online"?

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There are several ways of making money online. Can you please share to beginners what's your best way of making money online and why did you choose to focus on it?

Thanks for sharing.

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    One of the best and legit ways to make money online is to blog about it. All you need to do is to start a blog, write a few reviews and you should be on the way to making some good money. The catch here is that if your blog has no traffic whatsoever, no one is going to pay you money for the reviews.
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    I sell software because I am a programmer and I also sell other people's product by pre-selling my visitors. Hard selling is the old way.

    Because you are new to this business, here's what you need:
    • You will need to learn what programs to stay away from and how to choose an affiliate program that is right for you.
    • Find out from others what works and what does not work, many times you will have to test things for yourself. Trial and error works, and when someone else has already done it, then this becomes easier for you.
    • Find out from others in forums, which programs are high paying and are working the best.
    • Do not waste your time on programs that are just starting out.
    • It is not easy, you will have to work if you intend to make money.
    • Find as many resources as possible and read and learn about what others are doing.
    • Determine the amount of time that you can spend each day or week promoting your affiliate programs.
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    Hi Jose,

    Definitely the best way is selling your own info products - the product creation/sourcing costs are virtually the only costs apart from hosting/design etc.

    I started off with building info websites with affiliate links in them - didn't earn much, though.

    Then I created my first product. It was a failure, but I learnt a whole lot more of stuff in the process. The next project was a success - and so slowly, step by step I've come to realize that the power in online money making is selling info products (a few small ones with links pointing back to your main product).
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    Hello Jose, I have found working from home is the best work opportunity on the planet. More and more people are working from home in this world. I am involved in a Fantastic home based business that generally is making waves around the globe. I chose to focus on this because it is going to help me achieve more time with family and allow me to travel where and when.

    Please see link below for more info.


    Brian Dinelli

    Brian Dinelli
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    The Dinelli Group

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    I would say the "best way" in my opinion for a beginner to start making money online is via info products. Here's a few key points to keep in mind:

    1) Start off with a few info products on subjects you know a lot about.
    2) Don't be afraid to fail a few times before you hit on a winner.

    Here's a basic road map to help you get started:

    1) Ebook (write it yourself in Word & Adobe Acrobat)
    2) Hosting & Domain (hostgator.com and godaddy.com)
    3) Payment Processor (paypal.com)
    4) Site Design (use frontpage, dreamweaver or hire someone/buy a template)
    5) Sales Letter (if you're green, base it off an existing letter or hire someone)
    6) Traffic (adwords, banners, articles, clickbank)

    There's a lot more to it once you get into the details but this will certainly get you started. Perhaps I'll do a series of blog posts here at WF on creating an info product start to finish.
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      As you can see there are many methods of generating cash online. The important thing is get good at many things and an expert at one or two. Build from there. If you're just starting, you got a lot of learning to do.. If your an old pro, I'm sure you still have a lot of learning to do
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    In 1996 I began selling on the Internet, although I had been selling ONLINE since 1986.

    I used a FREE website (the same host as in my sig file) and sold someone else's product and collected a commission of over $1,000.00 my first week. The STEPS taken then are pretty much the same as today, however, you have many more options to choose from.

    Information comes in many sizes and shapes, many forms. To begin, stick with the DOWLOADABLE kind, PDF files, MP3, HTML, or the email attachment types, Word, Excel, etc.

    Back in '96, I created a PROMOTION at my FREE site, and if the visitor was interested in the product they clicked a link and were taken to the order page where they entered their payment information and were then sent the product. I didn't process the order, I didn't handle the product, I just collected a commission. This was before PayPal or ClickBank and it may have been one of the first AFFILIATE transactions on the Internet.

    Today, the steps are easier, and you can still do it for FREE. Here are the STEPS I suggest:

    1) PayPal Account
    2) Clickbank and PayDotCom Account
    3) Yahoo and Gmail account
    4) Google Site
    5) Google Blogger
    6) ezinearticles account

    This involves REMOTE Acquistion. You don't actually acquire the product, you sell it by very REMOTE (removed from the customer) Means.

    Browse through ClickBank and PayDotCom and find 3-5 products that interest you, that you would buy or that you may have some interest in. Buy if you can and become an AFFILIATE.

    Then, write about your experience on BLOGGER, and on your Google Site, and turn those into short articles about the Product. You can turn your short articles into HOTSHEETS and even post them for sale too. You want to leave FOOTPRINTS around the net, and if you have a social network site (or ten) write about the product there too. Of course, you are going to embed your AFFILIATE link to the product's sales page when and where you can and put it into your sig file in the forums and boards you visit if allowed.

    Daily post on your blog and keep your LOOP in motion, go from your blogs, to forums and CONTRIBUTE useful information and where allowed, even your short articles.

    That is the fastest and easiest way to ACQUIRE an Information product to sell. You can also acquire products through Private Label and Resell Rights (check the WSO forum for things that match your "Niche"). Your niche was selected by your interests in the products at ClickBank and PayDotCom.

    YOU can also CREATE products, if you followed the above, you already have with a HOTSHEET. A HOTSHEET is a simple information product normally one page or so. Put a few together and you have a Special Report. Add your articles to the special report and fill it out to an eBook, soon you can post your digital product for sale at ClickBank and PayDotCom and get affiliates to sell for you.

    Start with INFORMATION, preferably something you may have either a PASSION for, or have knowledge of, for example, you may know GOLF, or scuba diving or wood working or sewing, quilting, etc. Look for ideas in your own home, what areas interest you.

    IF you do have some special knowledge, outline it and get someone (there are millions of people ready, willing and able to interview you for a product) or even a family member (best is to get an established marketer in that niche to ask you questions) and there has been a ton of info posted about how to go about recording the interview.

    TALK is the fastest way to create an information product. Then you can, if you so choose, have a company like Kunaki make and sell a REAL CD and sell it on places like Amazon. That may be a couple months down the road, but it needn't take forever either.

    INFORMATION has an elevator that sort of looks like this:

    Super Seminar Presenter
    Seminar/Workshop/Membership Site
    DVD, Video
    Course (Binder, CD, DVD)
    Special Report
    Audio MP3, WAV, CD

    You get on the elevator with SIMPLE and easy to create/acquire INFORMATION products, and just keep developing the product into something that automatically takes you up to the top floor.

    The reason we choose today to SELL information products is because it is a bottomless well, people are always going to need information and they pay for it...and we like to go to the well that gives us water.

    Other ways may or may not work for YOU, but selling INFORMATION in all of it's forms is a tested and proven way to get started and to compete with the biggest names in marketing.

    Hope this helps a little.

    Gordon Jay Alexander gjabiz

    PS. The most important thing, in my opinion, is take action on doable steps, like I outlined. GET started, and adjust as you go along.

    Originally Posted by Jose Anajero View Post

    There are several ways of making money online. Can you please share to beginners what's your best way of making money online and why did you choose to focus on it?

    Thanks for sharing.

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    Originally Posted by Jose Anajero View Post

    There are several ways of making money online. Can you please share to beginners what's your best way of making money online and why did you choose to focus on it?

    Thanks for sharing.

    I think that when you first start out trying to make money online you'll naturally be overwhelmed by trying to do this and do that and ultimately not end up doing anything just bouncing back and forth from one thing to another not focusing on anything productive.

    If you can just find one way to make money with (Adsense/PPC/Affilate Products/ etc...)I would totally just focus on that one thing and then and only then when you've made a profit and feel comfortable with the stream of income from that avenue then move on to the next project..slowly building your multiple streams of income online one at a time and THAT I believe is the key to making money online!
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      Oh, and just in case I was off the subject a little the easier way for beginners I would say would be Bloggin with Adsense perhaps or Promoting Affiliate Products, that way you can start without any money and less technical hassles as in website construction and opt-in lists, etc..

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