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I have always tried to practive effective time management in my own businesses. Most of my offline experience comes from being a production manager where effeciencies makes all the difference in the world. A drop in effeciency could would mean a drop in profit, possibly a money loss.

So I have tried to bring that into the online realm, and found that by being effeicent in the things I do, I make more money.

I try to put aside some time each morning, afternoon, and night to play around on forums and look at sites I like, but the rest of the day, if it's not business related...I just don't do it.

I must admit though, it is a lort harder to do with an online business than an offline one. There are so many distrractions just a click away~

But it took some time for me to learn restraint and only do things that I feel will be profitible for me. If I am on the computer I am either working on bettering my business by doing something productive, developing a new product, talking with other marketers and networking.

If I find myself doing something other than those things, I slap myself out of it and get back to work. I found at first I had to continually ask myself "Is this making me money?" everytime I found myself straying a bit.

There is tons of info out there on this, and by no way am I an expert. My point here is that not getting distracted and focusing on your business and a goal WILL be profitible for you. You hear it all the time, but you really should consider doing it. The difference could be life changing.

Anyway, my "free" time is up, back to work, just thought I would share something that worked for me.

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    I completely agree with the points you have made here. Organizing your time correctly, making lists, planning etc, are great ways to effectively manage your time. Especially in todays hectic society, it is even more essential with family commitments and relationships which need to be juggled with any home based business.
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      Taking your cue, I'm doing up a paper banner to put on top of my monitor with the following words -- "Is What You're Doing Right Now Making You Money?!?"
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      focus,focus,focus and focus some more

      I have to admit this is the hardest profession I have had, so many distractions. There is to much Internet Marketing Candy out there.

      The Mantra is if I may borrow from you Keith

      "Is this making me money?"

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      You have a great strategy.

      By asking yourself the question "Is this making me money?", you are instantly breaking your state and refocussing on what's important.

      Another useful way of doing this for those of us who are visual rather than auditory, is to visualise the future.

      Here is an excercise that takes just seconds to learn and with a bit of practice, can revolutionise your ability to stay focussed and on task.

      Step One -
      See yourself in the future having achieved your dreams. Living the life you want and the life you really deserve.

      Step two -
      Notice everything in this amazing future image: your house, your family, your office, the clothes you wear, your huge smile, how sunny it always is.

      Step three -
      Add sound to the image: hear the children or your partner and you laughing; hear the birds singing; the waves crashing etc

      Step four -
      Make the image bigger, brighter and bolder; turn the sound up, turn the colour up

      Step five -
      Bring the image closer and closer until it almost surrounds you and then ..

      Step six -
      Step into the picture; step into the future YOU. See through those eyes, hear throught those ears and feel how good it is. Enjoy the feeling of success. Enjoy knowing that you have achieved your dreams. That the hard work and the concentration was all worth it - every single minute.

      Step seven -
      Tell yourself that YOU were worth every single minute.

      Step eight -
      Let the image fade and keep it inside somewhere safe where you can access it again when you need to.

      Step nine -
      Every night as you drift off to sleep - hold your image in your mind. Make it really strong. Every morning as you awake - hold you image in your mind. Make it even stronger.

      Step ten -
      At any time during your day when you feel yourself in need of some motivation, bring to mind your image and focus on it. You are training your sub-conscious mind to bring you closer to the things that you desire.

      This is one of the most powerful ways to achieve your goals. Get the right mindset and you can achieve anything.

      I wish you continued success on your journey

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    Good sharing Keith. Personally, I find it a struggle to manage my time efficiently, especially when doing IM... you will tend to surf net randomly, check emails, check Clickbank accounts, check web stats... BUT NOT doing the things that are important now to make money online.

    Now, I will always have a to-do-list on my laptop and it is always the first thing that i power up when my lappy starts...and follow strictly to the tasks.

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