Do You Still Use Business Cards?

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With the advent of the Internet and more and more people doing business online, do you still use business cards? If so, do you print your own, or do you have them printed?

David Jackson
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    Absolutely - prospective clients and mutual service suppliers I meet in 'offline' situations (from a networking event to a meal out...!) will usually ask for contact details or a business card.

    I have mine printed by MOO | Custom Business Cards, MiniCards and Postcards | USA - superb printing quality, and the prices were pretty reasonable.
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    I absolutely still hand out cards, and I have them printed professionally. Yup, my email address and website are on them; but you'd be surprised at how many people still appreciate the solid feel of a business card in their hand/wallet/rolodex compared to having to search for you online.
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    Originally Posted by David Jackson View Post

    do you still use business cards? If so, do you print your own, or do you have them printed?
    Hell yes, and I have them printed. Home printed business cards tend to lose ink, which looks tacky. I mean, come on. Business cards cost less than $50. You won't spend $50 on your company's image, but you want me to trust you with my business? Please.
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    I definitely use business cards and have them printed professionally. The do-it-yourself cards may have been "cool" 10 years ago but most look cheap and tacky. Plus, the "themes" of those cards are so recognizable that it reinforces the "cheapness." Business cards are as much of a necessity (and investment) as an auto-responder or web hosting. Two good online sources: or
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    I give out a lot of business cards, and I still snail-mail postcards. has been doing printing for me for about 5 or 6 years. Love 'em. They are quick, the price is better than most (even better than moo), and the quaility supurb. I am not an affiliate.

    I first heard about clubflyers at a pro-photographer's convention, and started using them for studio postcard mailings. I still use them.

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    I have them printed. I don't do anything expensive or crazy, but I do my own design and make sure to have them at all times, just in case. I played someone in tennis a few months ago, got to talking to them, and they turned out to be looking for a WordPress consultant. If I didn't have the card on hand, then they might not have contacted me again. Plus some smaller businesses I have done work for in the past leave my card on their favorite local businesses bulletin board and card holder, so it definitely still gets around. Not to mention if you go to local meetups, events, conferences, seminars, etc.
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    I've never considered getting them done locally, but I do use business cards. Sending them in the mail is a great way to use them as well.
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    Using them less and less and only in certain limited situations.

    Business card marketing i.e. using business cards to market your services and gain visibility, like some other forms of marketing and networking, are largely useless unless used with a clear purpose.

    Sounds obvious but all you need to do is consider the number of business cards you have collected that have actually turned into lucrative paid projects.

    For clarification. Not saying business cards don't work, however, largely irrelevant in the grand scheme of attracting new clients unless used backed by a strategy.
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    Yep, I just got some new ones in the mail today actually.
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    Unless a person's business is strictly online with no possibility of interacting with business prospects offline, it would not be a good business decision to go without BCs IMHO.

    Speaking about this issue, I have my graphics done by one of my graphics artist and then I send the art work out for printing at Got Print. Here's the link: Full Color Glossy Business Card, Postcard, Flyer, Brochure, & Catalog Online Print Service - GotPrint

    The prices are so crazy you can get 5000 cards, Glossy Full color both sides, heavy stock for less than what most printers charge for a 1000 white cards with two ink colors. I've been using these guys since 2001 and they rock!

    Giles, the Crew Chief
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    I have mentioned this on another thread
    but I still make CD business cards with auto Run
    that when put into a CD drive I can show off my sites
    use video, PowerPoint etc. Mostly for Offline Clients.
    The Square (rectangular) CD's and labels are affordable.
    I like to stand out from the crowd!
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    How else would you pass out your contact information in social situations?

    What.... you don't socialize?
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    Hey David,
    I am not marketing the CD Business Cards anymore.
    I use them locally instead of a regular business card for my
    own offline business. The Label is attractive & informative
    but the presentation is the cd.
    Hopefully after viewing It will lead to a sit down appointment.
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    We have our printed
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    Business Cards are still very important.
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    Business cards aren't dying anytime soon..I've known many local internet marketers that STILL print business cards and hand out to people. Business cards are something physical.

    And it's a little like the ebook vs physical books debate, albeit on a smaller scale.

    But as long as offline businesses still carry on (which they will for a very long time), business cards will still remain.

    Not forgetting even online businesses need face to face contacts and networking sessions or seminars, etc. And business cards come into play there.

    Besides, it's like a badge of honour!
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    Yes I still use them and get them professionally printed. I have a fun activity at the back of them, that prompts prospective clients to ring me and find out the answer.
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    How many of those can you carry at once?

    I've heard a lot of offline folks say that if you don't go through 500 business cards a week, you're not trying. I don't strive for that, but when I'm going to a large business networking function, I take 200 business cards - and if I come home with more than half of those, I consider myself a failure at that function.

    Wow, I would need a larger briefcase or bigger pockets.
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    I have some for conferences, but don't carry them around on a daily basis.

    You can get basic business cards for just a few bucks, so you might as well have them. You never know...
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    This thread is timely. I have a business meeting tomorrow, but I haven't got my cards designed and printed. I had been thinking and thinking, but don't have any idea.

    Probably by the next meeting, I'll have them.

    My question is, what do you write on them? I don't have a LLC or the likes. Do you call yourself some consultant, or Internet Marketer or whatever?
    Apart from website, phone and email address, what other things do you have?

    Logo/ slogan/ motto etc ?

    Thanks in advance!

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