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Profile picture of the author Private Label Ebook Shop by Private Label Ebook Shop Posted: 07/08/2010
I have seen the same questions asked numerous times throughout numerous forums but a true answer was not provided....

You have a list of URLs where you have left your back link. You want to take these URLs and create a valid RSS Feed (xml) file that can be submitted to RSS Feed directories to aid in getting the URLs re-crawled and you back links found quicker by the search engines.

Can someone please provide the complete steps to accomplish this task using free tools that are available? Is there any specific methods to follow in order to gain the most benefit in terms of marketing?
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    i am confused how to make this better

    hello all the programmers and all seniors here i am little confused ? i want to make a program for my system who fetch my data base on my server using p.h.p scripts ? and the data is open via the ip address sorry mates i am unable to explain that but i think you all understand what i am trying to tell everyone if someone know about this then please help me thankyou in advance !!!!!!!!

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