How to reduce background noise from a video?

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Hi guys,

I have a couple of video clips which have been recorded in quite a loud restaurant. I want to reduce the background noise a bit, but I don't want to completely remove it.

So far I can only find out how to remove it completely using Audacity. I tried this, but it left the sound really tinny and horrible.

Is there another way?

Thanks for your help.

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    If you don't a response with a good fix, try Josh Anderson.
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    When you do it in Audacity make sure you do the minium noise removal.

    Audacity | Streaming Audio Software

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    I've only used Audacity, apart from the noise removal feature in Camtasia. When using Audacity are you making sure to select a sample of the audio with just the noise only?
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    I know with imovie, if you take the audio file and turn it into an mp3, you can upload it into imovie through itunes. Then you can just drage the audio track over the video and poof, you are up and running.
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    Adobe Audition is what I use and the noise redcution facility allows control over the level of reduction - but costs!
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    Guys, I have found the solution to the problem using Camtasia alone.

    Enable noise removal.

    Then click Advanced.

    The trick is to tick both Remove Clipping and Remove Clicks and set the Sentivity to 100 for both

    Absolutely no background or weird plumber sounds anymore. Just my voice.

    In fact, I found a much better background noise reduction when I had manually selected the background noise part (when I'm not talking). Do this by adjusting the green and red indicators to select the background noise region. Then click on 'Use manual noise selection'.

    PS: I did not enable voice (male / female) optimization. If I do that, a little background noise comes again.

    Note: Camtasia Version 7.1.0 was used.

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