This can make you a couple hundred thousand bucks....

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I was trying to send this to my list, but aweber won't let me login? So, I decided to post it here, I hope you guys enjoy it and get something out of it because it is powerful stuff....

Hello Everyone,

Well, It's Saturday night - Late Saturday night just to be clear, and
earlier today I had to go into the doctor because I reinjured my knee.
I pulled the ligaments in it almost a year ago, and it just hasn't been
the same since.

Anyway, the doctor put me back on some pain meds, and one of the weird side effects that it has one me is that it makes me really "chatty", unfortunately my wife is tired of talking to me, so I figured I would send out a quick email, and talk some marketing with you

**beware** - This could get kind of long...What I'm going to talk about is positioning, and the way you can use positioning to put more money in your pocket, which of course is what we are all after, right....?

In my opinion, the positioning, and framing of an offer, service, or other product that you are trying to make money from is in many cases where 9 out of 10 people fall flat, let me explain...

Let's say that you are a site flipper, and you are constantly on the lookout for different ideas and topics to create sites that you will ultimately be able to sell. In most cases chances are you typically go with ideas and niches that you can turn around and sell to someone who is also in some way trying to make money online, right?

So, you make a site on weight loss, and ultimately sell it to someone who might be looking to promote a ClickBank product or something like that, and unless the site has actually made any money for you, you don't get a "whole lot" of money for it...well, I guess the "whole lot" is a relative term as for many people $97 might be a ton whereas others won't bother getting out of bed for $97.

Now, lets assume that you could make a site where you pretty much knew that you could create the site, get it up to speed a bit, and then turn around and sell it for a couple grand...or even more, that would be pretty cool....right?

What if I told you that if you understood, grasped, and practiced positioning, you could for the most part guarantee that a site you made was worth a few thousand or more...or better
yet could turn into a site that one way or the other just kept stuffing cash into your pocket day after day, and month after month?

So, let's see how it would work by way of giving you a couple of examples...Ok?

First though, you have to understand that in almost every single case with everything that I do I look at it in terms of "lead generation" - this is especially true when we do things like creating sites for the sole purpose of selling them.

Why do we do this?

Simple, because we understand that "leads" are worth a ton of money to certain businesses all around the world, so we tend to gravitate towards areas that are willing to pay a ton of money for a lead. Sounds logical, right?

Here's the first example...

About a year ago when we first started running the Loan Modification type offers through the CPA networks,we did very well with them. By very well, we are talking about thousands of dollars well. So, we started looking at the market as a whole and quickly realized that there were a ton of companies at the time that would pay REALLY GOOD money per, it got us thinking...what would them pay for a whole lead generating machine?

So, what we did was started looking at data to see in which states loan modifications were in the biggest demand - At the time, Pennsylvania was one of the leading candidates. So, we set up a 1 PAGE SITE which was for the most part nothing but a glorified squeeze page, and started geo targeting Pennsylvania with PPC advertising. A week later we had collected over 100 leads which to any loan modification company were worth well over lets say $30 a lead. Basically, we had roughly $3,000 worth of leads, that only cost us a little more
than $200 to get.

Remember, this only took a week to do for the most part...

with the lead database growing, I started to contact some Companies in Pennsylvania by phone, and email letting them know of the set up we had, and told them that we were interested in either selling the leads to them OR preferably selling the whole site with the generation system in place...

At the beginning of week 3 with almost 350 leads in the database, almost $700 in ad spend, we sold the site to an Independent company for $XX,XXX (sorry, I don't talk specifics about earnings) , but I will say that we have also done this in other cities, states, and hubs that have a specific need for this type of site.

If we were to actually sit down and do nothing but what I described to you above for a couple of months straight I'd be willing to bet that we could easily make a couple hundred thousand dollars...easily.

...and all because we know how to position our efforts...

Have you ever actually sat down and thought about that?

If you havn't, you really should, because even in situations outside of site flipping, positioning is one of if not the most important aspects to making money online, and off.

Here's another example of positioning, but I'll have to be a bit more vague here as it doesn't directly involve me, but someone that I was working with. In any event because of positioning she was able to make more than a little bit of money in a niche where she had no extensive knowledge, no name, and no contacts...

So, this was a situation where someone came to us, and pretty much wanted a silver bullet, even worse, she wanted the silver bullet to help her earn money in the Make Money Online niche...the same as many people here probably want.

The conversation started with me asking her how much money she has made via marketing affiliate products or her own products...the answer was ZERO, ZILCH, NADA - She had earned a whopping couple of bucks with Adsense or Amazon, I can't remember any case, it was pretty much the same as nothing...

The only upside is that she knew "how to do everything" - meaning she could write, she understood backlinking, she had all of the information, but for whatever reason she just wasn't able to put it all together for herself in a way that was making her any money...I'm sure that there are more than 1 person reading this that are in that same exact situation....right?

So, we decided that she would offer a service to other Internet Marketers...I won't say what service because I don't want people to flood into it, but trust me when I tell you that other marketers are willing to pretty much pay for ANY service as long as they can see value in it, here are just a couple of examples:

Article Writing
Niche Research
Keyword Research
Graphic Design

The list really is to long and too extensive to go through if you really think about it...

In the end, she decided on a service where she could use "3rd party" services to do most of the work, and all she really had to do was keep orders organized and make sure the information got where it needed to go...If that makes any sense?

I know what you're thinking...easy enough...right? Just set up a WSO...and watch the orders flood in...huh?

In this case, A WSO wasn't the right way to go...frankly because in many cases, especially services there is an easier and more profitable way to go...I told her to position herself behind someone elses credibility, and here is how she accomplished it...

She found 3 marketers who had credibility and a following in the specific area of the service she was going to offer, and then she started contacting them with a proposition of sorts that went something like this...

She offered to do all of the work, take care of all customer inquiries, and to make sure everything went smooth, in exchange for them promoting it to their lists, and in their products, the marketer would receive 30% of all the profits. The 2nd marketer she contacted got back to her within 24 hours, and they came to an agreement.

Today, after she pays the marketer, and pays her expenses, she makes over $7,000 a month RECURRING and GROWING.

So, she went from making absolutely NOTHING in the IM niche to making over 7K a month, AND more importantly getting "in" with a marketer who has the credibility to push any other service that she might think of in the future, PLUS she is starting to get a little bit of name recognition herself, and all because she was able to position herself correctly.

Are you doing everything you can to position yourself correctly? (most people aren't)

Are you even thinking about positioning? (most people don't)

Always take the time to make sure you are positioning yourself in a way to make the most money possible.

Sorry about the formatting, but in the copy and paste from Aweber it got screwed up.
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    Great post man.

    I'm really going to have to start thinking about this. Brainstorming session ahead of me!
    Trying to get ahead by starting young, mind helping a kid out? :D
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    Interesting stuff. I may have to rethink some of my model based on what you've outlined.
  • Profile picture of the author TTran
    Hey Jeremy, am I on the wrong list? I've been on your list for a while but never receive stuff like this!
    Trying to get ahead by starting young, mind helping a kid out? :D
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      Originally Posted by TTran View Post

      Hey Jeremy, am I on the wrong list? I've been on your list for a while but never receive stuff like this!
      I'm not sure which list you are on In any event, we normally don't send many emails like this, but providing more value to our subscribers is definitely something that is a big goal of ours over the next weeks, and months so, regardless of which one your own, you'll see the difference
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    I'm hoping that everyone here understands how genius this is...
    This is a "change your life" kind of post.

    Thanks Jeremy...
    Absolutely fascinating...

    If you Love Online Marketing, you'll want to spy on my daily reading list. Updated every day as I'm learning.
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    Killer stuff, Jeremy!
  • Profile picture of the author Mukul Verma
    Sounds like it would be good,long for a Saturday night, will bookmark it
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    Never thought I would say this.... But, killer post Jeremy.

  • Profile picture of the author Dennis Gaskill
    Jeremy - Great post! I always learn something, gain a little different perspective, or at least find some things to think about in threads you start. It's all good. Keep posting!

    Inferiority often wears the mask of superiority.

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    Great post, and gives me plenty to think about, but I wish you had given some hint of what service the lady in your second example offered, e.g., was she telling people how not to fail? Some little inkling would have opened up some more doors of thought.
    • Profile picture of the author Jeremy Kelsall
      Originally Posted by venkyiyer58 View Post

      Great post, and gives me plenty to think about, but I wish you had given some hint of what service the lady in your second example offered, e.g., was she telling people how not to fail? Some little inkling would have opened up some more doors of thought.
      That's the thing though...It could be any service....

      Look at the whole link building thing that was hot here for a while, and just how simple some of the products were. Take Angela for example, she was selling 30 sites a month for $5 a month, and I can almost guarantee that she had 1000 subscribers, I might be wrong, but I bet it was close.

      Imagine if you had a list of maybe 100 sites and you wanted to sell it for $15 or $20 a month and were willing to do all the work finding the sites, verifying that they worked, etc etc

      Do you think for a minute that if you approached some mid level marketer who had a decent following, and products that talked about SEO, that for a cut he wouldn't be willing to promote it knowing that he didn't have to do anything except for hit the send button?

      Sure, you might have some that decline because they don't believe in that sort of actual link building, but you would find a taker if you talked to enough people, and you would be would he/she...

      So, you both get to make some money, you get some name recognition...then what's next? could run the service for a couple of months, and then sell it for 6-8 times the monthly revenue, and have some kick ass money as a seed for buying maybe an existing site that is pulling in some cash.

      You could come up with a different service and give the same marketer first dibs, but if he didn't want to do it, at least you already have some name recognition, and would most definitely have luck getting in with someone else.

      You could do a bunch of things because your positioning and your bank account are now a whole lot better than when you started...right?
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    Superrrrrrb advice.

    Hope the knee gets better, man.

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      Originally Posted by BlueSquares View Post


      Superrrrrrb advice.

      Hope the knee gets better, man.
      nooooooooooo more pain meds.

      They are fun for about the first couple hours...after that they just make me tired as all hell lol

      I would imagine at this point though that my knee will probably bother me forever, so you can look forward to my poorly formatted ramblings every other month or so
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    sorry to hear about your pain, pain sucks.

    I agree with dennis. I just about always learn something from threads that you start.

    i will say that this is one of the most motivational threads i have stumbled across in a
    long time. this is not only good IM advise but good business advise in general. After reading this it makes me want to get up and go make some money.

    signature goes here

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    • Profile picture of the author Jeremy Kelsall
      Originally Posted by aandersen View Post

      After reading this it makes me want to get up and go make some money.
      And that is the thing that is so cool about knowing how to position yourself. You literally could sit down right now, do some brainstorming, and wake up tomorrow to implement it, and could potentially either have some money in your account right then and there, or lock into something that is going to make you some serious bank soon.

      Also, keep in mind that you can position more than just a website that you build, or some product that you think of. Being on a forum like this, and reading the PDF's that we read, watching the videos we watch, and generally being in a community like this gives us knowledge that we can leverage and position in the real world as well.

      Marketing is a whole lot bigger than the terms in which most people think of it in...It's about more than writing articles, building backlinks, or selling some product from Clickbank, or doing lead generation for the newest CPA product.
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    Jeremy touches upon a lot of really good points here:

    * Continuity is the way to go, it builds reputation *and* gives you steady income
    * When you're fed up with managing the continuity product, you can flip it for good money
    * You'll build lots of good connections by cross-promos during the continuity run
    * You'll build a very very valuable list that is used to paying you and is eager to send you more money
    * This model can be used for any service you can imagine, if you need some ideas, PM me and we'll do a JV
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    Hey Jeremy,
    For just a brief moment I thought about playing devils advocate with you just to have a little fun but then I realized my head is still reeling from keeping up with the "backlinks thread" and conceded that your tenacity would wear me down in the end! If you're lucky though maybe Caliban will take my place!

    Fantastic post. It's so easy to get into a rut with IM and you've just reminded us all how important it is to always be thinking about opportunities at hand that so freely abound and to seize them while you can.

    I can guarantee that I'm going to be searching for some aha moments as I rethink some of the projects I am currently working on this week.

    Thanks for the push in that direction!
    "Thoughts become things... choose the good ones!" Mike Dooley
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    Nice post Jeremy

    Just that one sentence... "Are you even thinking about positioning? (most people don't)" enough to make a huge change to people's way of approaching the game of marketing (and it can be a fun game).

    Who was it who said that most people are too busy making a living to make any serious money? Can't remember, but taking time out to seriously think about where you want to go and how to get there, how to position your approach etc can make a massive difference to your income.

    Try it folks. Just take 24 hours out sometime to actually THINK about where you REALLY want to be AND how to get there. It could just turn out to be the most valuable 24 hours you've ever spent.
    "How To Hang Out On Various Exotic Islands
    Whilst Still Making Shed Loads Of Money...and stuff!"

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    Thanks for a really interesting post.

    Sympathise with the knee thing - I have dodgy knees, long story. The best way I found to keep them as pain free as possible is to swim - either back stroke or front crawl (I think you call it free style on your side of the pond). If you can't swim those strokes pay for lessons, learn with flippers as it forces your legs to stay straight - two or three times a week strengthens the muscles in your legs and around your knees like gangbusters. You'll seriously cut down on any ligament problems by an enormous percentage.

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    thanks for sharing this jeremy
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    Originally Posted by GoogleWarrior View Post

    I have to say... it is a little too long. It is the truth that after so many seconds your people's attention span fades. But.. what I read sounded interesting.
    For some of us, it was not long enough!

    Great post Jeremy. I am sure you have inspired quite a few people round here with that one.

    Whether you are a Reader, an Author or a Website Owner, we have something for you!

    Books that Inspire
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      I'm speechless. (and those who know me know this doesn't happen often )

      The man who views the world at fifty the same as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life. ~Muhammad Ali
      Pay me to play. :) Order a Custom Cover today.
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    Hey Jeremy,

    When you started that post, jeez I thought we had a WSO ($27+) coming. Well, you just gave me, a HUGE Gift with that post. For that you deserve a thanks. I'm a website flipper, this is inspiration for today


    Caleb Spilchen

  • Profile picture of the author Roshan C
    Hey Jeremy,

    You'r one of the most honest and solid marketers I've ever seen online.

    Excellent POST!

    How do I get on your list man?

  • Profile picture of the author rapidscc
    Hey Jeremy,

    thanks for this one.

    Don't worry about it being long. Sometimes the real valuable things in life can't be grasped nor explained in a few sentences.


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