Is paypal reliable?

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Those of you using paypal are they trustworthy/reliable to use? Doing IM the "free" way is not working out for me..
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    Originally Posted by kb24 View Post

    Those of you using paypal are they trustworthy/reliable to use? Doing IM the "free" way is not working out for me..
    I have found PayPal to be nothing but a spectacular experience. They did recently limit my account, but a quick fax of all the required documents and I was back on track. Just went from premier to a business account and I am looking forward to building my business with them as my payment processor.

    Naturally there are some horror stories, but I believe a majority of people find them a great payment partner.
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    Yes paypal is great. You can make payments without ever revealing your bank details or credit card. It's pretty much the service that stands in between you and whoever your paying to protect your private details.
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    PayPal is a very important part of my own business but I certainly would not consider them "reliable" and nor should anyone.

    Even if you've never had any issue with them yourself, the many hundreds of thousands of horror stories out there should make it completely clear that it could happen to you at any time.

    So the moral of the story is to have a backup plan. I use PayPal all the time but I also have accounts with PayMate and Moneybookers.

    So if PayPal goes on the fritz for me for any reason I just reach over to one of my other baskets of eggs.

    Your income is not something to take chances with.
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    Great service & great, quick support - at least for those who have a business
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    Almost a decade with Paypal, I've never had any bad experience.
    For me I think Paypal is very reliable.
    So far, no problem. Hopefully, in the future no problem too.
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    Originally Posted by Thomas Lucas View Post

    I just read another thread about someone who paid using paypal and got scammed. He purchased an ad campaign, but the advertiser never followed through. His biggest mistake was to open a dispute on paypal, then close it when the advertiser reassured him. Once he closed the dispute it was easy to take advantage of him. So watch out for people that may try to manipulate the policies. In terms of data security (credit card info...) on the other hand, I'd say its very safe.
    I just read that same thread too, kind of silly of the guy to close the dispute before seeing any results though
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    I don't think any payment processor is reliable.. enough for being exclusive.

    If you use paypal and plan to have a big product launch, have a backup provider in case they get their head up their butt again.

    Same with other options. Always a good thing to have a plan B in case plan A goes south.

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    I have put literally millions of dollars through mine without issue.

    (knock on wood).

    You never hear the good stories, only the bad stuff.
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    PayPal "works" - just make sure you have a backup, as with most things in life.
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    There are people saying that Paypal has screwed up them, of course. However, I movement a relatively large amount of money with them every month (CPA networks pay through Paypal) and have never had a single problem.

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    As long you do not or seem to breach their policies or regulations, then PAYPAL is one of most reliable payment processor. However if they think that you have breached their policies even if you think you have not, then you are in big trouble.

    I was a paypal user for not less than eight years and have quite a substantial sum of money going through from my ebay activities. However a year back eBay thought that I have breached one of their policies and suspended my account. Being a eBay company, they also suspended my account although I protested violently to them but without success. Luckily my funds were held for about 3 months before they release the balance to me.
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    I have been using paypal for a very long time as well. I got a business account and never had any problems with it so far.

    I think paypal is reliable.
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    Hello Kb24
    I believes it is fairly good and reliable as there are million of people using it without a problem. However a backup plan would be great if it ever have some problem as nothing is perfect. I love how I don't really have to put in my credit information to pay online(It is a option to do so). I never have any money stolen nor taken before so it is safe.
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    Paypal is fantastic some people have one or two issues mostly these are Paypal protecting their security and in a way thats positive.(not if you are th one affected I know)

    So yes its difficult to do anything online without them
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    Paypal is a blessing and great service to business
    owners including myself.

    They make taking payments easy as ever.

    I've had my squabbles with paypal, but it was all
    my fault in the first place. Customer service rocks
    and the people there are beyond helpful.

    I'm thinking about getting a paypal tatoo across
    my right arm...just kidding.
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    Paypal is not too bad. I had a few issues over the years but overall its great!
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    After reading some the Paypal horror story threads this is particularly thread is very reassuring I personally have asked my mother to upgrade her paypal account to a premier one - that's my back-up plan

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