I Want To Be A Billionaire So Freakin' Bad

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Hello everyone,

As I was driving to work today, Travie McCoy's song came on, and my mind carried me away on an interesting train of thought that I would like to share with you today.

I'm sure many of you have heard the song I'm talking about. If not, then I'll fill you in; the chorus goes:

I wanna be a billionaire so freakin' bad
Buy all of the things I never had
I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine
Smiling next to Oprah and the Queen
Oh everytime I close my eyes
I see my name in shining lights, yeah...
A different city every night, oh
I swear, the world better prepare
For when I'm a billionaire.
And I thought ... how many millions of people drive to work, each and every single day (all around the world, might I mention - more so in US than anywhere else, but still), and daydream about being rich to this song?

Then, I wondered how many of those millions of people who want to become not even billionaires, but at least millionaires ...

... and how many of those are actually on track to becoming one?

Probably not many.

So as the song ended, it kind of left me with the following question - for myself, for my friends that I was giving a lift to work, and now for you all to ponder on: what are you doing to make your success more than a daydream?

Best Regards,
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    Give up the day job will never make a decent living working for someone else.Take actions do something different.
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    I don't even need a million .... just 100k per year working in my PJs would be cool enough. But of course when I get there I'll probably keep going...
  • Profile picture of the author Alfred Shelver
    Never give up .... It is the only way turn dreams in to vision (dream with action) IM is very hard but so is being a garbage man and thats not going to make you a Millionaire IM most certainly can
  • Profile picture of the author vip-ip
    I think we will all come to a consensus that a day job = no-no for becoming a billionaire. Virtually no one's made their first billion working for the Big Brother.

    Interesting stuff to ponder about.

    Best Regards,
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    Heh, I hate that song.
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    the answer lies in the words of Jack Nicholson in "A Few good men" ...

    Ownership is key ..

    1) Owning royalties
    2) Shares
    3) licences
    4) patents
    5) businesses that do not require you working (trading your time for money = wages /
    6) property that generate income
    7) gold / silver / platinum

    Step 1)

    Get out of debt (completly)
    take the money you would use to pay the debt and invest (once out of debt)

    Word to the wise - Read a book called "Rich Dad Poor Dad" very good stuff

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    You are to become a creator, not a competitor; you are going to get what you want, but in such a way that when you get it every other man will have more than he has now.

    I read that somewhere

  • Profile picture of the author Mukul Verma
    That song is pretty cool, but it is completely flawed.

    Here talked about living the life style of a billionaire (which sells), not about becoming one.

    You do not need to be a billionaire to
    - Be on Forbes Magazine (just do something extremely helpful to the work)
    - Hang with the president (It not money, but what you do that will get you there)
    - If you give all your money away, you will not be a billionaire.
    - Donate to Fema (a lot of people got in there car and showed up to help)

    I like the song, but it is completely flawed or made for the dreamers. I predict it will go all the way to the top on Rick Dee's.

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    Well everything in that song is "me me me" so if you ever get your billion you still wont be happy just suffering in comfort.

    Zig Ziggler said help enough people get what they want and you can have anything you want.

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    They don't want to be a billionaire. They don't want to make the necessary changes in their life to become successful.
  • Profile picture of the author vip-ip
    Although the song was, indeed, written to sell (to "be a billionaire" and not to "become" one), I think it's a start that everyone needs. Not the song itself, but the idea of knowing what you want.

    The challenging part will be in Travie McCoy's follow-up sequel, "Here Is Exactly How I Will Become A Billionaire," stay tuned.

    Best Regards,
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  • Profile picture of the author Lisa Gergets
    I've worked on being a ten-aire first...then a hundred-aire. Now I'm a thousand-aire and loving it.

    Million-aire? Maybe.

    I just know that I'm blissfully happy being able to take off and go on vacation whenever I want to, and I can work wherever I want as long as I have a net connection. THAT to me is true success. Not taking that awful commute to and from a soul-sucking job is PRICELESS too.
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    Dude you made me sing that song all around the house! Stop it )
  • Profile picture of the author Ernie Lo
    I personally love "I made it" by Kevin Rudolf much more . I think its more inspirational and a bit more catchy too
  • Profile picture of the author Nick Brighton
    Most people "think" they want to be a millionaire, but in reality, very few would actually enjoy it.

    Why? Same reason that people who "want to be famous" end up on drugs or in rehab. The same people who "want to get married one day" end up divorced.

    It's NOT the end result which brings the long lasting happiness... it's the REASON and METHOD that got you there that does.

    A recent study showed that physical labour intensive workers were generally more fullfilled and satisfied in their lives because of their work than office workers.

    The reason being, is because a labouring job delivers instant and measurable results that the worker can see and be proud of. A typical paper pushing office job doesn't have the same psychological effect, even if you're doing a meaningful job.

    That should tell you something about the power of gratification.

    And on another tangent...

    Many people would love to win the lottery. But what would the mean? Sure, they'd get a big house, a few cars, lots of travelling. But inside, they are empty. They don't feel they deserved it. They don't want to tell people how they got rich... they're ashamed of it.

    Then their social circles change, and fake friends and enemies come out of the shadows. People expect more from you, and you're expected to live up to other people's expectations and needs.

    You can't share your fun with your old friends, because they resent you for it. They want what you've got, not just a peek through your window.

    So you have to move to a new location, find new friends... deal with security and accountants and hefty taxes.

    Sure, it's great if you left legacy or really changed people's lives in your own unique way... but wanting to get rich just for the sake of it? Not my idea of true pleasure.

    The bottom line is, gratification is what drives people and makes people truly happy. The money is a byproduct and material reward/token of success.

    But money doesn't make people happy. I'm no millionaire, but the money I've already made online didn't make me happy.

    What made me happy was my accomplishments and being free from employment.

    So really, it's freedom and control that makes us happy (well, most of us anyway)... and not money itself...

    ...and you don't need a million bucks to be free these days.
  • Profile picture of the author vip-ip
    Thank you for your post, Nick.

    Regardless, money's involved indefinitely. You can say, "I want to make money, so to do this I will do X and Y and Z." OR, you can say, "I want to do X and Y and Z for personal gratification; oh wow, would you look at that - I'm $_,____ above where I started, how cool!"

    Best Regards,
    vip-ip ...
  • Profile picture of the author Neil Morgan
    Good thought. Let's become one tonight

    Or maybe, lets work on the business seriously and geometrically for a few more years, andd then become one.

    Overnight millionaires are ficticious and not even worth contemplating. If you want to be one, you might as well move on to avoid the inevitible disappointment.

    But over a period of time, it's absolutely possible and you can get started today.


  • Profile picture of the author Jerky
    Here's what I'd do with a billion dollars:

    1. Invest in some nice boxer shorts. If I'm going to be walking around in my underwear all day (which I would - and do now, for that matter), worn out drawers aren't going to cut it.

    2. Buy the cheapest house/apartment in the city. No use in advertising how much dough I've got, that would probably cause more problems than it would solve.

    3. Write the world's first Reverse WSO: "I'll give you $10 straight up if you buy my course."

    4. I'd buy my own Lamborghini and my own tow truck. Every once in a while I'd tow the exotic car around town and shout "Geez, rich people think they can just park everywhere..."
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    If you think you can then you can do it,

    If you think you can't then you can't do it.

    You are right in both the situations. It all depends upon your attitude. Be innovative, do first things first. Dare to dream and those will come true.

    I am not talking about dreams those you see while you are sleeping but those which can't let you sleep.
  • Profile picture of the author redrose321
    is the person who sings this song a billionaire? And yes,being a millionaire may be out of fashion in the next century...stop dreamin and get back to work.

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