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I have a website that offers dozens of feeds.

Would it be worth my time to set up all of those feeds on feedburner? Are the perks truly worth it?

Thank you for your time,
Allen Graves
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    I would. It's just so much easier to keep track of everything at one place, plus you can let them subscribe by eMail if you want too. I run almost all my feeds through Feedburner. The only feeds I don't necessarily run through Feedburner are the Comments RSS on blogs.
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      I like the email option of Feedburner - the posts are nicely formatted and easier to read than in a reader...

      The only thing I don't like is that they don't necessarily give you a continuity of the previous feeds...
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    I use Feedburner on my blogs mainly because of the stats. Admittedly, google analytics would give more stats about your site, so it can do the job and more. However, Feedburners advantage is the presentation of the stats. Clear, easy to understand, and all at a glance.

    Bottomline is that raw data is not statistics. And statistics is only as good as the information you can read from it. With this way, I have a better understanding of my blogs numbers.
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      So will I be able to see all of the feeds in one report or do I have to look at them separately? They're all on the same domain.

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      honestly.. how could you not?

      If you know its not going to hurt?

      do it!

      links in your feed from any other domain has to be a bonus right? especially those that update content as your feed updates.

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