I Am Naughty! :)

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I just gave a brand new member an infraction for a very spammy post. The post has since been removed.

A few minutes later I received the following message:

Re: You have received a warning at WarriorForum - Internet Marketing Forums
Thank you for your message. While I am aware of the technology and algorithms that detect some posts that look and feel like spammed ads, I can assure you that my post is not one of them.

I thought of sharing a video, located in my blog with people in this forum. No ads included.

With that point being made, I would like you to cancel my membership effective immediately.

Thank you
**** *****
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    I replied with this (I couldn't resist).

    Dear Mr. *****,

    Having reviewed your post personally, I drew the conclusion that your post did indeed constitute spam.

    Posting links back to your personal blogs in an attempt to drive traffic, particularly off the back of an offer by a well known marketer like Frank Kern is not good forum etiquette or conduct, especially as such an offer also carries an affiliate program.

    The standard practice in this forum is to offer posts of real substance and value, and feel free to leave a link in your signature so as your fellow Warrior members have the opportunity to decide whether they want to take a look at your website.

    As for your request to delete your account, I shall pass this on to the relevant administrative department for processing.

    Many thanks

    Warrior Forum Guardian Angel.
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    Nothing against anyone here, but I don't think its fair to give an infraction just cause he linked to a video on his blog. Assuming that what he said that there are no ads(and affiliate programs related to the video) on the site, I think its fine. When linking to a youtube video a my post, I possibly could say that you're a Google employee and getting paid to drive traffic to youtube... you get what I'm trying to say?

    Well thats just my opinion, I'd love to hear if someone thinks I'm wrong .
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      The post was very spammy, and it wasn't as innocent as made out in his message.
      The thread was so spammy it could deleted very quickly. The guy knew what he was doing.
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    Good call on reporting, I really like that we have the ability to get rid of spammy posts. This is a great forum filled with quality, relevant information. I think there should be a 3 infraction maximum and then have their account automatically deleted, there's no room here for that sort of douchebaggery! Here's to getting rid of the rotten apples.

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