How to be a cickass social marketer

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I opened this thread for those interested in the growing number of social sites and how we can take advantage of such sites. I saw that involvement to take action on the site really presells the user.

Each individual can target his own niche on each website by contributing with content on the particular subject.

Now here is my question: How to make this easier than it is right now? How to actually make this part easy for everyone who wants to market social sites?

I have few advices for youtube and facebook:

- Friend is all you got so share content with your friends
- Use keyword research (free keyword tool) for your tags and description of your video
- Videos should be short (00:24, 01:00, 01:30)
- Interact and send private messages to friends in your niche
- Make Video response
- Pimp your profile (show them niche text content + background image)
- Make links in your description (
- Say your new friends: Share my channel with your friends and I'll share yours with mine

- Make wall posts with link pointing to your site (what do you think of my site?)
- have applications like stumble upon and other and make new friends saying "hello there"
- Create a groups in your niche
- know what your friends like and share that kind of things with them (niche oriented)
- Develop your own application

These are few things I know. Maybe others know more so that is why I am asking...

Don't tell me there is no cash in social sites
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    to help your keyword phrase rich social sites rank even better, get your accounts RSS feeds from each and submit them to the growing list of RSS aggregators..

    They will rank better inthe serps

    these aggregators will update the contents of your social sites including links as you update the content in your social sites it doesnt get any better than that.

    list of RSS aggregators here



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