Twitter: Auto intro message?

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Ok guys I just registered and become new users of Twitter.. and admit that I'm still totally noob ass with this thing.

Is there any way that we can set up an automatic reply, i mean intro reply for those who had just follows me?
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    I believe there is - but can I tell you...

    I am following someone who does that & he's the only person I'm going to unsubscribe from cause I get really tired of seeing the same thing over and over and over and over and over..........

    think long & hard if you do the auto thing - I think for every auto you need to make 2 manual posts to balance it out IMO
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    I don't much care for the auto-generated welcome either. Especially since 95% of the time it includes a handy dandy link for the next best thing
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    Thanks a bunch Michael! Will check thats out!
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    I agree that an auto reply will probably lessen the impact of using Twitter. Twitter only works if people feel like they're your "tweeps". Tweeps chat with one another and share information. People aren't interested in subscribing to you on Twitter; they're interested in tweeting with like minded and /or interesting people.

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