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Hi, as some of you know I plan to launch a membership site soon.

One thing I was considering to have a jumpstart is to use a Bulk Email Service that claims to have double opt-in targeted recievers, so that you won´t spam their hungry list. They are all happy people waiting to recieve your emails to let money in the internet and make you rich

Is here anyone that really used one of these services? Which one did you use? What were the results? Was it worth it?

I´m really interested in this, so any answer would be appreciated.

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  • Profile picture of the author Richard Tunnah
    Hi Martin,
    I know some warriors swear by co-op leads but I think it depends what you're offering these lists. I've never made it work for me but maybe you need to entice onto your list first rather than promoting something to them straight away.

    • Profile picture of the author Jesus Perez
      Chances are, unless you're working with a Fortune 500 list builder like InfoUsa.com, you're getting a raw deal.

      If the blaster isn't credible, you risk losing your domain name and hosting if the company really isn't using a double optin list. (They're probably scraping emails).

      Good luck. I hope you change your mind.

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