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Anyone have any luck with the affiliate program for Ebay?
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    I haven't had any 'luck', but I make some money from it via hard graft.

    It's in steady decline at the moment as they keep changing things, not for the better. What would you like to know?
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      Yes, I make about $80 a day on the eBay partner network, but that's because I have started a new site for eBay partner Affiliates. You can pm me about if you like.
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    I applied to the Ebay partner network but for some reason they don't like my website. It's a blog with plenty of unique content so I don't quite get it. I emailed customer service for an explanation but they basically said, "Sorry--we don't reveal the specific criteria we use to evaluate potential partners."

    OK . . . the only thing I can think is that I have Adsense on it? Maybe they don't like my Amazon widget??
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      Hi Amanda,

      Apparently, you're not the only one. I think it's fair to say that in general, they are not looking to expand the membership of the program as much as they previously were - or in other words, many people are saying the same thing as yourself.
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    I've had quite a bit of "luck" with it , several $80 to $100 days in the past month income is growing month on month
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      Interesting about the disapproval.

      I applied and told them I did not have a site ready and was approved a couple of days later.
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    I do well with Ebay. It's a consistent money maker. And while the changeover from CJ has been in a pain in the butt in many ways, my earnings have gradually been moving upwards.
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    I am doing ok with Ebay. One thing about the approval process is that it can depend on the email address that you use when applying. They often don't approve applications with email addresses like gmail and yahoo type emails. If you have an email address that is for a website, you have a better chance of being approved
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    Hmmm--interesting about the email. I did apply with a gmail account. Strange how that would even matter though! LOL

    Maybe I just need to politely pester them a bit.

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