FLV Videos in HTML....

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I want to embed some FLV's in my HTML pages... How do I do that?

Is there anything I need to buy?

In the past I have been creating these Camtasia Videos that come with their readymade HTML pages, but now I have some standalone FLV files... Please let me know how to do this... If oyu have ever done it before.

Somewhat Urgently waiting fro your response...
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    I personally love using Video Web Wizard to compress/convert to flv and it creates the entire group of files to ftp up to your domain so easy to use.

    the group of files it creates are a .swf, .flv, .htm, .html, swfobject.js

    can't remember what I paid for it - pretty cheap if I recall.

    cheers, m
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      There's a lot of different software applications allow you to convert your files to FLV as well as embedded your flash player.

      But once you have your FLV file what do you do then?

      You need a flash player to play your FLV file online, and then you need the HTML code that calls the flash player and your video file.

      So it's not just a matter of having FLV file but you also need a flash player to play the video online.

      Frank Bruno
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    You need a flash player

    There are free flash players out there. Google "JW FLV Media Player". I have never tried it myself, but i've heard good stuff about it
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    We've used Keith Gilbert's VideoWebWizard since version 1, it's a great piece of kit and V.2 is even better.

    You can take a look at the sales page here: VideoWebWizard 2.0 | Put Video On Your Website | Add Video To Your Web Page

    For the price it is well worth the investment.

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    I already have the FLV, what next?
    Next go to some of the links posted in this thread and get a player to embed your flv with ;-)

    You will need a player to embed it and you have already been given some answers pointing you to both a free and a paid option.

    I developed a couple myself.
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    I've been using Media Menu Producer on my site. It has a couple of things that irritate me (like setting the volume level of the videos when you have multiple videos in one player to 50%??) but in general, it is quick, easy, and pretty flexible.

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