Private Messages in the old forum...?

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I can't reply to some pretty important PMs back in the old forum.

Not through email, yahoo or reply in general.

Will they be being sent here so I can then reply to them?

Thanks, Josiah

EDIT: my sig looks horrible but I can't get rid of it in this post... sorry :S
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    I would recommend copying the old messages and saving them until the complete move takes place. Then manually PM the people you need to.

    Good question though. I should go copy my own PM's that I need to save.
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    Hmmm... how do we go back to the old forum to receive our old pm's?? Im stumped on that one, hehe
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      If you need to go back to the old forum, you go to in the short term the forum is still there. I'm not sure what will happen to it in the long run.

      It will not let you post, including sending a PM, but it will let you read pretty much anything that was already there, including your old PMs.

      Other than the fact that it's now closed to all posting, the old forum hasn't changed yet.

      Scott Burton

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