Need some quick advice on PDF creator problems (links are not clickable)

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My partners and I are trying to create a PDF.

Normally very simple.


We are having all kinds of problems trying to get our text links to remain "clickable"'s the weirdest thing, never thought I'd have this problem.

We are writing our ebook in Word, then turning it into a PDF file.

We've tried PrimoPdf - Neevia software .....and 30 day Adobe Acrobat trial...NOTHING works. Our links are all dead.

However, when we view our document in MS Word, the links work just fine.

What are we doing wrong?

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    Try making the PDF with

    That should work just fine.
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      Hi Ken.

      2 questions:

      1. Are your links inside text boxes? If yes, then you'd really have a hard time making them clickable. Your best bet is to use a PDF creator software (not a mere PDF conversion software) and import the .doc file instead of straight up conversion. Once imported, you will have to delineate clickable areas around the links you wish to make clickable and manually introduce the destination URLs yourself.

      2. Is your document less than 2MB? Maybe you can try online DOC to PDF converters like THIS ONE. As long as your links aren't in text boxes, they should be clickable. It may be possible that the PDF converters you have used have limitations when converting links from .doc to .pdf.

      I hope this helps.

      - Johnny

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