Article Marketing - 3 Mistakes Writers Make

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Article marketing is a very lucrative approach to promoting a service, web site, or affiliate marketing.

The costs are minimal and the benefits are manifold. However, there are ways to make your article marketing skyrocket.

If you avoid these 3 mistakes that writers often make in article marketing, you should do very well.

1. Push their product too hard. I don't know why so many article writers think that they can contribute little to no value and the reader is going to just flip open their wallet and dish out the cash. It just does not work that way. You should write to give back to the reader and after having contributed valuable content, then lead to the link where the sell takes place. Nobody wants to be "sold to." Readers need to know that you are giving something to them and then it is the job of the article marketer to show them a product that can meet the need that they have.

2. Use lame article titles. If you look at the number of views on articles posted throughout the various directories you can't help but notice that they share one thing in common: Titles that are not enticing. A writer should never assume that readers will want to read their article. It is your job to make them want to read it. This is best accomplished through descriptive, call to action titles. A writer can say, "Here is how to lose weight," or they can beckon, "How to Shed 15 Pounds in 3 Short Weeks." Ask yourself which title would draw you in as a reader. Think like the reader and this will help write better titles. Remember to be specific and descriptive.

3. Put little time into creating a resource box. It is a shame to have created a great article and get nothing back in return. Spend more time on creating a great resource box and then you can use it over and over. In your resource box include at least two links with anchor text. This will help with search engine optimization. Also, make sure that you provide a call to action.
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    Spot on, Dean! I especially agree with #1. I provide quality content and try to be as subtle as I can in my anchor text while still getting readers to click through. I thank this for my high click through rate.
  • Profile picture of the author vbm08
    I totally agree with all the 3 mistakes that most article writers seems to make in the beginning. Only thing is that they should quickly overcome their mistakes.

    May be one more thing I would like to add here is keeping your article length as short as possible like 300-500 words at max. Because today people don't have time to read longer articles and they lose their interest over time while reading the long articles. So KISS (Keep It Short & Simple) method for article writing is very profitable to keep the reader's interest level at the desired level.
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    I will add two more:

    3. Use broad keyword such as Dating, Dating service and expect a lot of traffic without further SEO.
    4. Expect few articles to bring sufficient traffic...
  • Profile picture of the author Ken Leatherman
    Dean very good points for article writers to follow. Your spot on with the "Title".

    It's just like fishing, you have to cast the right bait in front of the fish to lure them in, set the hook and reel them in.

    John made a good point about providing enough information to make your readers want more of the valuable information you provided them in the original article. However, I have noticed some writers (including myself) tend to fall in love with the "expertise" in the article and give away too much info and kill the "desperate" desire to cure what ails the reader. Try to avoid the overkill on information.

    The Old Geezer
  • Profile picture of the author Paul Buckley
    Excellent. Number two is key. A good title translates directly into page views.

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