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So i just joined this thread yesterday and i am trying to understand the rules. i made a thread concerning my people search engine then was accused of working for some reverse phone company on rip off reports, when in fact ive never heard of that company and i work with Tissa actually.

so are we not allowed to have a website in our signature? that is what i have heard, im not allowed to put in my sig?

i have 4 random threads open right now, EVERYONE'S sig has a book, service, magazine, or help for buying into niches. so i ask WTF? everyone of those things is on a WEBSITE

Thanks, Brian
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    It must be YOUR website. Clearly this one isn't

    Copyright © 2008 All Rights Reserved. Affiliate 1218120972IYBR.
    Try reading this:

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    The question to ask here is.. does the site in your sig belong to you? or are you an affiliate?

    The sig file space is provided to users of this forum to display links to our OWN sites that we control ourselves.
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      yes i did get this site thru tissa, and yes it says affiliate on it. but i am new to this whole internet marketing and money thing, just started 2 months ago, and i am distressed with the little guy network.

      what do you mean by my site? because the little guy network one was given to me after signed up, i was given a link. now the people search one, i chose that name, bought the domain, if you go there and see the green ads, i put in html coding for that, so i guess im just confused.

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