How to start an online business?

by stefan007 20 replies
What is the key to start an successful online business from scratch?
What is your favorit way to earn money? Please give me some tips!
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    Originally Posted by stefan007 View Post

    What is the key to start an successful online business from scratch?
    What is your favorit way to earn money? Please give me some tips!

    I think the key to starting a successful online business is knowing exactly how an online business works. Do you know how to create a web site? Do you know how to create an opt-in form to capture the emails of those interested in your product? Do you know how to use an autoresponder to keep in contact with your list of those interested in your product? How do you even know what is a good product to promote? I think the answers to these questions will help you to succeed.

    These were the things that I personally needed to learn to begin my online business.

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    I like to make money different types of ways. In the beginning I think it is important for all online business owners to know how to set up a website or blog, write content, and promote the site. It's important to know what you want to do to make money though...and no one can answer that question but you.
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    Learn as much as you can, your online business success only depends on how much you know about your "niche" and how much valuable knowledge you bring on the table. Another main factor is that "generosity" that means give first instead of trying to sell, if you're generous they'll buy from you and they'll subscribe to your news letter without any hesitation and more valuable subscribers you have more $ you make.

    Best of Luck!
    Affiliate Marketing explained for beginners >> <<
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    Pick a NICHE... avoid vague generalities. Pick something you know about or like or are interested in.

    OFFLINE Marketing Strategies For The OFFLINE Warrior
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  • I'd assess your strengths and weaknesses. It is important to realize you can not do everything yourself and grow your business. Spend time doing things you can that make you money. Outsource the rest.

    Avoid jumping around from one thing to the next. Find a system you feel comfortable with and stick to that system.

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    Hello Stefan,

    A lot of people make the same mistake trying to start on line by promoting their product or service first, rather than find the market for their product. I am convinced it should be the reverse!
    We need to search the market first to see where people spend money in our chosen topic that we like, then position ourself in that market by choosing a or service which satisfies the needs of the people.
    • The next thing is to find a profitable Niche in chosen market;
    • Create a one page website;
    • Build your list;
    • Promote related products to this list;
    The reason why to go this way, because we have people who has an interest in this niche in the first place! may be you think, how much time it will take to make money on line? It depend who is your instructor and if you have all necessary tools for it. I found good and honest instructor whose is the first goal is help and show the right way, what he, himself doing to be successful on line.

    Check this link to start right that ends with success result!

    Alexei Bogdanov
    My First Website- Step By Step Free Guide to learn Internet Skills
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    For starting a online business you must have a website or blog.You website should reflect the purpose of the website build for and finally u need to optimize your website to the search engines for the targeted business keyword.
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    I think the best way is through niche sites. The majority of people that get started online, make their first buck through affiliate marketing. I personally like using niche profit classroom I use it and the reputation speaks for itself.
    Entrepreneurship & Blogging || About Wilson || Contact Wilson

    Blog: Fun Lifestyle :: Subscribe To RSS :: About Wilson
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    If you have some knowledge and skills to offer others, consider selling that online. Another option is to find a good service provider and broker a deal with them. you can always also go for investing in a site allready profitable from flippa if you have the change.

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      Here's a simple 10 step system which you use to start an online business from scratch:

      1. Find a broad niche which you can create a lot of products in.
      e.g. health niche, finance, cars, education, management etc...

      2. Create a blog in the niche and post daily to it.

      3. Write and submit one article every day, promoting your blog.

      4. Have an opt-in form on your blog to build your list. Even a pop-up if you want to seriously increase subscribers.

      5. Create a product. Possibly an ebook.

      6. Write a sales letter promoting the ebook.

      7. Announce your ebook on your blog.

      8. Remember to post to your blog daily.

      9. Remember to write and submit an article to promote your blog every day.

      10. Create and launch an ebook every month on your blog.

      You're well on your way to creating a profitable online business just by focusing on the above 10 steps and nothing else.

      Persistence and continuous fine tuning is the key!
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    Originally Posted by stefan007 View Post

    What is the key to start an successful online business from scratch?
    What is your favorit way to earn money? Please give me some tips!
    Start from Selling product or service.

    Create a product to sell or promote affiliate which is more perfered as a starter.

    Render [which you can learn if you dont have one]
    service that people need online and you will make money.

    These are my favorit way of starting online.

    Dont forget there are lots of resources here in WF both free or paid that will also help you get started immediatly. So Learn and Act on what you learned.

    How to start an online business? IS TO START NOW.

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    Hi There! Actually it really depends on you on how you want to start your own online business. When I started mine it took me a lot of times to plan and plot my business.
    The most important thing is that you plan and plot on what kind of business you want to run.
    After that.. everything shall follow.. like how would you market your business, how would you gather leads, etc.
    There are so many strategies that you can use to advertise your business.
    a) Article Marketing
    b) Video Marketing
    c) Social Media

    There are a lot of stuff that you will be using as well
    a) Social Bookmarking
    b) Blog Commenting
    c) Link Building
    d) and a lot more...

    You may also want to take a special course from internet gurus to help you start your business.

    Good luck and wish you all the success..

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  • Originally Posted by stefan007 View Post

    What is the key to start an successful online business from scratch?
    What is your favorit way to earn money? Please give me some tips!
    Hi Stefan,

    I think that the key here is to not to try to start "from scratch". Most of the successful people that I know are avid users of pre-made systems that leverage their time, productivity, and effectiveness. I would suggest that you consider learning more before proceeding further.


    Read "The four hour workweek" by Timothy Ferriss

    If you are wanting to blog as a business, then go over to ProBlogger.

    If you are wanting to learn more about internet marketing, then this is a great place to start.

    (hint: learn the marketing first! I've seen quite a few people fail due to a lack of marketing skills or contacts.)
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    Hi Stefan,

    I'd like to come from different angle on this one. Apart from what all the lovely people who have been kind enough to reply to your posts have said. I think that also you need to begin with a goal. First of all, what do you want to achieve from that. But even further than that, you must have an exit strategy. Stephen Covey put it as "Beginning with the end in mind." So where do you want to take your business to?

    This doesn't just apply to your overall business but also to whichever niche you want to enter. Every great business owners knows when to enter and exit a market. Funnily enough, it may not necessarily be at the beginning (although if you pick a winning niche at the beginning, you can create a legacy for you). Knowing when to enter and exit your niche is key, because it allows you to really make the time you spend on your business most profitable.

    Just thought I'd share that with you.

    Best Wishes Stephan

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    Pick out a method that fits your personality. If you are a techie, nerdy type - then become a builder... If you arent a techie, then product creation might be more what you enjoy... But whatever you pick - stick with it until you make it.
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      Originally Posted by Kevin_Hutto View Post

      Pick out a method that fits your personality. If you are a techie, nerdy type - then become a builder... If you arent a techie, then product creation might be more what you enjoy... But whatever you pick - stick with it until you make it.
      This is the #1 thing. There are millions of ways to make money online. Find something that you're interested in... apply yourself... focus... and STICK WITH IT until you make money.
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        The best thing you can do is create a product yourself. The second best thing is to sell products of others. This is called affiliate marketing. But to do affiliate marketing, you need to learn internet marketing (IM). It is easy when someone gives you step by step instruction.
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    That's a very broad question. You first have to determine what kind of business you want and there are many kinds of online businesses. Do you want to flip websites or domains, do you want to be an affiliate marketer or PPC or make money selling Amazon products or with Adsense or creating your own products? What are your skills and interests?

    Only you can decide what kind of business you want to build. Until you have a good idea of what you want to do, no one can give you any really good ideas on how to accomplish that.
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    The best way to start a successful online business from scratch is to find a mentor. Find someone who has the results you want and the stats to prove that started an online business from scratch and ask them to mentor you or buy their products, become a student, and take action from what you've learned. Quite frankly, that's the best way. Having a mentor or teacher that's ACTUALLY DONE IT, will save you tons of time, money, and frustration. It's like following a GPS system in your car. It knows how to get there, just follow it.

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      The most important factor in all of the online businesses we have started and have helped others to improve is to begin with an understanding of how a given market is monetized.

      What products and services are changing hands online for a given market - then you can plan your entry knowing that there is money in that market and that if you put some work in on the front-end to develop a following, traffic and put in place the front-end of a sales funnel that you will have opportunity to generate income on the back-end.

      That may be by promoting other products already selling, promoting advertising space to those that move product or indeed, through offering your own products...

      The important thing in the beginning is that you understand where the demand and supply is for a given niche so you know a) there is opportunity and b) roughly what people want and are already willing to buy

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