How to make a squeeze page with NO hosting fees...

Profile picture of the author ShaneBoyd by ShaneBoyd Posted: 08/14/2010
This may be old hat to some. However, I came across a website called Tumblr

It's a free blog site, kind of like Blogger. But here's the really cool part about it. You can put a professional looking squeeze page without hosting fees and without having to buy a domain.

Here's a squeeze page I put together (I am putting this here ONLY to show you a other reason)

Top Filmmaking Tips

All I did was copy the html code from my no cost squeeze page generator.

Unlike Blogger, there is no learning curve here. You can do this on Blogger, but there's like 17 steps or something crazy.

With tumblr, you just simply copy and paste.

This way you have something to drive traffic to when you write articles and such.

And yes...I do get sign ups from it.

Good times and fuzzy bunnies


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  • Profile picture of the author Rashell

    You can also use a free site. And you won't have to worry about having an account closed because someone doesn't think your content is "meaningful".

    See: Content Policy | Tumblr

  • Profile picture of the author ShaneBoyd

    Good tip Rashell. I'm guilty of not reading the TOS.



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