Help! I can't edit my About Me section in my profile?

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I've tried both ways, clicking the little pencil/edit icons on my main profile page, as well as tried through the User CP, clicking the Edit Details link, click save, and it always comes up blank, deleting the changes made to the Additional Information section...

Anyone else having this problem or have any insight on it?

Thanks in advance.

- Jared
#internet marketing #additional information #bugs #edit profile
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    Can't figure that Jared, I just edited mine and it worked fine.

    Let's face it... the forum just doesn't like you !! lol

    Seriously, try the Help Desk; they're really quick

    • Profile picture of the author Judith Tramayne
      I had to use the help desk and they are quick

      Haven't been on the forum for 2 months and wham -- it changed. Still getting used to the new look but I'm liking it.


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