What do you do when you want a holiday?

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Yes, as the question suggests, when you need a break from it all, be it providing online services or doing fulltime IM. Do you put it all to one side and grab a flight?

or has a laptop become an extra body part?
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    I run a special to my list, make a quick sum of money, and take a holiday.

    Internet business is about freedom and lifestyle. It's not about being chained to a desk like you're in corporate america. If you can't take a break, what's the point?

    Don't be a slave to your business. Don't make yourself an employee - be an owner.
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      On my last trip for fun I left the computer at home on purpose. It was refreshing to come back to the hotel and not check email but enjoy the view, dinner, and a movie.
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    I just feel naked if I can't at least check my stats at the end of a day. I usually end up working on my vacations though b/c it I really do enjoy it.
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      Sure, a break for me is watching some tutorials at Lynda!

      BUT!! What has this tread got to do with making money....????
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      i ususally work for 3 months , then give myself a reak and go away for 2-3 weeks.

      I just got back from Miami, i live in the UK, and i am even more motivated to just work hard for another 3 months, so i can go back there and relax on the beach.

      But i took my laptop with my while i was there , but only used it to check emails in the evenings.

      I spent around 30 mins online before we went out for dinner.

      But the girlfriend still hated me being online even for 30 mins lol, but i think you need to stay up to date with your business, unless you have somone working for you.

      On my next vacation i will most probably have someone working for me to take care of basics things.

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    I'm trying to figure out how to do this

    In the earlier days it was easy - I just told clients I'll be away for x number of days, here's a link to the forum, talk amongst yourselves.

    These days it's a lot harder.

    When I take a holiday next I'll probably need to hire someone to take care of customer support while I'm away.

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      I'm going to Phuket this weekend and I'm not sure if I
      want to bring my laptop.

      Is it consider a holiday if we still work on our IM during our


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