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Hi, I recieved my first cheque today and I was wandering how much Lloyds Charge? I've read on some forums that they charge £10, and some say it's free.

Also how long does the cheque generally take to clear?
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    Would be a better idea to give TSB a phone & ask... 0845 3 000 000
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      cheques normally take three working days to clear, without a charge if you're paying it into a uk account.

      Kind regards

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    I'm in the U.K, bank at Lloyds TSB and pay in CB cheques. They charge £8.50 for processing the cheque (last time I had a cheque, I now get direct transfer to my acount) and they also whack you on the exchange rate as well.

    Suggest you change your CB settings to direct bank transfer, then you'll just get hit on the exchange rate!

    Hope this helps.

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    I've been paying in US dollar cheques to them for over 10 years. Bundle your cheques together and you save quite a bit. Having said that, I have Adsense cheques I don't cash because they aren't worth the effort...
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    I've just cashed my first clickbank cheque at lloyd's (halifax) . they took 10 quid!!!!

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