I Never Really Realized What A Business This Really Is...

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I'm sure I'm not the only one that started this journey into Internet Marketing
thinking that it was a piece of cake. Initially, I thought for sure that you just
set everything up and watched the money roll in. I think I saw the word "auto-pilot"
in a couple of different places which could have helped give me that impression

Slowly though, I am starting to realize that there is a lot of work that goes into
not only building a business, but maintaining it as well. With everything that I have
going on right now, taking time to do support is really the only thing that is keeping
me sane lol

There are a couple of things that are becoming crystal clear to me...

1. There really are no short cuts

2. Hard work is not only required but necessary


3. Outsourcing some things is a must!

Even though Internet Marketing is definitely not a cake walk I am very excited about
the opportunity that it is giving me and also about what the future holds in it.
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    "There are no shortcuts to wealth" - Anna Nicole Smith

    Seriously, you are right. Hard work, failing, learning, growing, failing again, etc. Do that enough times and you are an instant success.
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    This business, like all others does require time... but every day I am more amazed at how much I can make with such little time invested. I have worked at restaraunts before where the owners had to be there from before Open to long past Close every single day.

    We are defintiely in one of the best businesses in the world.

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