FREE PDF CREATION!!! (Any Operating System)

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I see all these people looking for ways to create PDF's, and others selling products that create PDF's. But has anyone taken 5 minutes to find a free PDF creation program?


This program runs perfectly on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It can create amazing looking PDF's. The PDF's can be password protected, locked from people copying or editing the PDF, and the PDF can contain links! All for FREE!

What is this magical program I speak of? OpenOffice!!

Its as simple as this...

1) Install OpenOffice (or just the word part).
2) Write your document as you would in any text editor.
3) Click File, Export to PDF.
4) Enjoy your free PDF file.

And look at that. Not only is it a simple program that almost every computer can run, you saved money by using a free program that is updated for free. Isn't saving money great?

So head to Google and type OpenOffice, or go to and get your FREE PDF creation software! (If you can use Microsoft Word, Text Editor, or even Notepad! You can use OpenOffice without any real learning)


P.S. I know this has been said on the Warrior Forum before, but it hasn't shown up in a while so I figured the new people would benefit from saving some extra money. That money can be better used on outsourcing or promotion.
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    You can also download a copy of CutePDF. Easy to install and i t works as a printer on your machine. This means you can create a PDF from ANY program you can print from. Select the CutePDF printer on your system and it then asks you where to save the file. Easy peasy. No lame watermarks or anything else like that either, completely free and ad-free.

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      Also if you have Microsoft Word (I have the 2007 version), if you click on 'Send' there is an option to send as a PDF attachement. This creates a version with your links intact.
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