Paying My Car Payment W/ Clickbank Checks

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Hey guys, just wanted to show that the info i've gotten here and other programs really does work. I've been going at it for about a year now off and on. Just got serious about 6 months ago. I was reading a journal I started when I first got into IM and there are a lot off cuss words and "does this stuff work" statements in there.

Just wanted to show this picture. I have a lot of bills and its nice to have my monthly clickbank check pay for my car payment and some groceries! I need to make 10k a month to quit my regular job and although these checks arent much its just the fact that its actually working!.

And this is all free traffic generation methods. I dont do adwords YET. Thanks to howie schwarts and conversation domination!

Thanks for all the help everyone

Oh - can we get some people to take screenshots of some BIG clickbank accounts? I want to use it for inspiration!
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    Hey Jake,

    Good job man, the first check is the hardest one to make. After that it's all about scaling up and rolling out big. Outsource everything you can and maximize those profits!


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    Congratulations, Jake!

    Mind sharing a few tips? Articles, PPC, etc? I would love to make affiliate marketing work, but for some reason I haven't hit the sweet spot yet.

    Again, congrats on your success.

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      I havent really gotten into article marketing or PPC although i just bought ryan diess program wholesale traffic formula (expensive) and im gonna start doing ppc. I have done mostly free traffic generation i learned from conversation domination.

      I dont wanna give away my pen names or stuff but one under my name is if you type in - carbon copy pro in google my lens is #1. Me and a guy i was marketing that program with keith carey. But i was able to do that with the stuff howie taught me. That squidoo lens gets a TON of traffic.
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    Hmm can someone chime in here and tell me if my logic is right?

    I havent outsourced ANYTHING as of yet. I am doing everything on my own. I only have an account at but the reason i havent outrsourced anything yet is

    #1 i want to get a general feel for all the aspects of IM and at least some basic knowledge so i know HOW or WHO to hire and when they are doing a good job.
    #2 I work my regular job from my home so while im making sales calls i am working my IM business while on the phone. So i actually have a decent amount of time to work my IM business.

    I want to earn $2000 a month online then use a lot of it to outsource and create my own product.

    Is that a logical course of action?
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    Hey that's awesome! I am also in the same business-affiliate marketing. I was wondering if you could give me some tips as to how you advertised without adwords. So far I have just been doing things such as blogs and forums.
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    Hey Jake,

    Good going!

    May I ask how many hops it took to get these kinds of earnings?
    The reason i ask is that I seem to be getting a fair number of hops, but 0 sales.

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      Ok sorry and this may seem really bad but im not exactly sure what a hop is. Just assuming from the context of the question how many people did i get to go to the actual page of the affiliate product?

      I don't even know because i dont know how to track it. I send them from my landing page to the affiliate page. And i can tell you this. hold on lemme look at analytics right now....

      ok from 8-1 to 8-16 ive made $446 i had 13 sales.

      Google analytics says ive had 1687 visits. I dont know how many of those actually went to the affiliate page though.

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