Resource box link structure for article submission?

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I just have a quick question...

When you submit an article to an article directory, what kind of link do you use in your resource box?

Do you use a direct link to a specific page on your site? Or do you use a php redirect so in the future, you can point change where that link points on your site?

Does a redirect have any negative implications on SEO?

Thanks in advance
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    It depends on the article directory. At you have to link to a home page only and no redirects are allowed. You may use anchor text links such as: <a href=””>Your Anchor Link Text Goes Here</a>
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      Originally Posted by Herschel-W View Post

      At you have to link to a home page only and no redirects are allowed.
      Where do people confabulate this stuff from?!

      In an EZA resource-box, you can link to any page of your site that you like, and can redirect via any TLD that you like, too.
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        Originally Posted by Alexa Smith View Post

        Where do people confabulate this stuff from?!
        Chinese Whispers - Digital Edition
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    Definitely use a php redirect so you can change in the future if you wish.

    There are mixed thoughts on whether or not using a php has negative effects or not.

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    I disagree with the php idea.....personally I like to link to my webpage that is most like the article and I like to link back to another article of mine on either Ezinearticles, goarticles, or articlebase.....For me it is all about building backlinks and if I were to change my links all the time those backlinks would not help me it is just as easy to write another article with a different link in it.

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      I like to use two links.

      The first is to a page on my site using anchor text and a direct URL.

      The second is a naked url ( that goes through a redirect.

      I don't post articles purely for back links - I want clickthroughs and syndication. Using this method, even if the site that syndicates the article screws up the anchor text link, the url link is still there.
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