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I'm putting up a few pages on a website related to anything related to dogs, and was wondering if anyone wanted the exposure for free, related to the dog training or information niche.

Above is a screen shot of the lead in, on the main page, and it would give you exposure and content for the site. This is the main site, but I'm toying with a template so the layout could change??
Dog Training - Home

You can post here or PM me.

Kind regards

Ps If anyone would like to contribute dog related articles with a link back to their own websites, same thing
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    Looks good in Firefox. The white table extends down the page to the center of the words "Accelerated dog training..." on the left.

    In IE the white table on the right only extends about half way down the left hand table's list. And in IE there is the dreaded red X from an image that won't show correctly. the red X is at the words "Pet Planet" dot co, dot UK.

    BTW I love the image of the puppy in the header. Looks like a Great Pyrenees. We've got a small (112 pound) female. They're wonderful dogs around kids. I take ours to work with me every day.

    I emailed your site to several friends who happen to be dog lovers. Hopefully they will spread the word about your "pet safety" landing page.


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