What Would Be the Best Free Alternative To Aweber

by Mike Williams 52 replies
It's a weird question I know. But some of my customers are flat broke. So I've been thinking about what someone could use to build their list that's free.

Any suggestions? Maybe some fancy use of Twitter?
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    I have a wierd question in return. If your clients are flat broke, then they can't pay you either! Why are you working with them?

    I think iContact is $9.95/mo.

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      Hey Mike,
      Most of the paid autoresponders have a free ad supported version as well. However It'd be the last thing I'd recommend to anyone as they could lose the new opt-ins to whatever ad is being carried. Surely they could afford a few bucks for a paid autoresponder for the first month? I know many discount for 30 days like emailaces.

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    I have a couple of scripts that i use for mailing lists but this one stand above the rest infinite autoresponder a complete free autoresponder. It does require cronjobs and virtual crontab a free script works well.

    Autoresponder details.
    Infinite Responder - Free Autoresponder Script

    Virtual cron details.
    Virtual Crontab - World Wide Creations Scripts -
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    Getresponse has a free version: AutoResponder from GetResponse! - Free edition!!

    Send them there and they may upgrade later via your affiliate link.
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    They might loose their list if they don't use a reliable autoresponder, but I am sure you all know that. If I was to use any free ones I would see if a weber or get response are good enough for me
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      Let me tell you about a star performer who for some mysterious reason seldom or never got mention in List building discussion.

      They are 'Your Mailing List Providers.Com'


      a.k.a. Ymlp.com

      I know they are star. In one of my sites, they help me build a list of 3000 subscriber within 3 month (for free of course

      You can trust them. It is a highly respectable company based in Belgium. There Page Rank of 7 only points to their credibility. Even their paid service is very economical.

      Highly recommended.

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    Thank you all! The typical high quality responses I've come to expect at here at the WF!
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    I've never heard of ymlp. Do they offer unlimited campaigns?
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    i recommend you try lists.iathao.com.

    it's an unlimited campaigns unlimited emails unlimited subscribeer unlimited everything free service. as far as i'm concerned, that's as good as it gets
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    Originally Posted by Mike Williams View Post

    It's a weird question I know. But some of my customers are flat broke. So I've been thinking about what someone could use to build their list that's free.

    Any suggestions? Maybe some fancy use of Twitter?
    This should be it.

    The Best free Autoresponder.

    FreeFollowup.com - Free Autoresponder Free Automatic Responders

    This one is completely FREE.

    Everything you need - No limit.

    No Ads.

    Check it our guys. I have used this for 3 years.

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    Originally Posted by Mike Williams View Post

    It's a weird question I know. But some of my customers are flat broke. So I've been thinking about what someone could use to build their list that's free.

    Any suggestions? Maybe some fancy use of Twitter?
    if they're using WordPress, I wrote a post about a great plugin I found:
    I love life!
    Free Web Tools
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      I heard mailchimp was decent. Are you working for free? If they are flat broke how are they going to pay you?
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    I have to admit, I was skeptical about paying for Aweber - however after trying the $1 trial month; I've got to say I'm already amazed and normally I don't even do list email marketing. Yet I was able to create grand email lists and newsletters and rake in a fortune of it. After switching to Aweber it very quickly became one of my top profiting web tools
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    I used Mailchimp and while the chimp is cute and free is awesome, I found the interface bulky. I believe they don't allow affiliate links either.


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    Don't go for a free one - they have many problems especially in terms of delivery rates.
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    Serious business should not use Free service for email marketing unless they have the expertise to set one up themselves. I can list 100 reasons for this but I'll give you some obvious ones.

    1. Free lists are most likely massively abused and therefore blacklisted by email delivery servers more often
    2. Even cheap email systems are very attractive to spambots. a spammer these days will not mind paying even 100$ a month to get a system and the cheap hosts will most likely be too late to detect their activity or even fail to ban them for the risk of loosing business. Short sighted of them but happens very often.

    3. Aweber is established. they are taking care of everything. Like someone mentioned , the biggest bargain is probably their professional tools. "ability to create..."

    4. Aweber is proven tool, oother may be good but obviously they are not able to beat aweber despite the pricing.

    5. Even if you were able to setup a free script for ALL your customers (I am guessing they all dont know what MX record is). the onus of maintenance is on you. Do you get blacklisted means the list stops working all together and drops to 10% deliverablity if at all.? Aweber is doing it for you. I get 1000 of email in spam even from some CB AMs but Aweber NEVER hits the spam.

    6. Dont take this wrong way, i am just a noob learner, but if your customers are flat broke you should email them to get a 2-3 hours job once a month to pay for Aweber as that is the only way they can get started.

    Heck thats what I did :/ today I run my own servers and hire my own people.

    however when I am experimenting with a new idea creation and want to save money, I use this twitter idea you mentioned but its a stop gap and I hate to use it in the interim .

    setup a twitter. Make at least 1 tweet. Then goto feedburner and add an rss. to it you give the URL to your own twitter.

    Then go to publicise tab in feedburner and activate email subscription. Now you can tweet your mailing list .

    hope it helps.

    Edit: I know this post is old, but I want to add so it might someone else searching.
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    Personally a free autoresponder means your always at risk, ie losing your contacts, its like having a facebook fanpage with x amount of "likes" you can't actually control what happens and facebook could one day turn around and block your facebook account and you have no say about it! This I think is the same with a free autoresponder account, obviously if you are paying for a service you are always going to have say "unless you are like a spammer of course!"
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      Some nice resources, Warriors. Good work.

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      Originally Posted by darylimjz View Post

      Wow, I'm surprised nobody brought ListWire up yet!

      Its a great, free autoresponder that has almost all the features a paid one has.

      Are you using this yourself? Do they include their own links and ads?

      I mean whats the catch, nothing is free really.

      Edit: I checked it out a bit more. When I go to sign up it seems the autoresponder will use their domain name? This looks good for training purposes.
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    Mailchimp definitely gets my vote as there the only one that I have found that can work with an api for more custom list building through software/websites etc. This way your have a little more freedom. The prices are just about identical, but imo MailChimp has way more features. I actually like the interface better as well.
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    Getresponse is free for the first 100 subscribers then you pay more as your list expands
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    I would give your customers a not so weird answer. If their interested in building a viable online business, you should never cut corners. Aweber is one tool I would never be without. If your not willing to invest a small amount of money into your business, tell them to get a 9 to 5 they are probably better suited for that.

    An email list is the best investment you can make for your business by far. This is where the main majority of your money will be made. If you cannot spend a small amount of money, to make a large amount of money.

    You have no business being an Internet marketer, or a small business owner for that matter.

    Be honest if they do not like your answer oh well. At least you were telling the truth. That is how I strongly feel, and I feel a lot of other marketers feel the same way.
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    is there any way so that i can use autoresponder script for my blog on bloggers
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