Wordpress - Posts or Pages?

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Are there any advantages to using posts verses pages for each article I put up on a wordpress blog?
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    Posts will get listed in the RSS feed and publishing a post also pings any services you have set up for that. I don't think either of those hold true for pages, unless they've changed that recently.

    Pages are a little easier to organize, in my opinion, if having their content in a feed or pinging is not important for your usage.

    But, where ever possible, I prefer posts over pages. Pages are good for your About, TOS and other pages, but actual "meaty" content is generally better in a post.
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      It really depends on the blog.

      As the OP said, pages don't ping...

      I use posts for almost everything, except sales pages, or reference pages like "About", "Start Here", "Series" etc.

      Hope this helps.

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