Mentor Requests and Newbie Bashing

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I have been on the forum a lot today and today I saw a post that I have seen many times, and I've also seen the same answers that seem to be pretty discouraging to the newbies.

Newbies come in here and they are understandably overwhelmed by the amount of info and ways to make money. It is understandable that they want a mentor. Very few great achievements are attained single-handedly. Most people also tend to have more focus and get more done if they have someone to be accountable to.

I have been 'self-educated' in IM, but I also realize the value of paying for a 'fast-track' plan. And I also believe in the power of the 'team.'

I would have been more than willing to pay for a mentor. There are other industries where people pay up to $14,000 for a mentorship program. They fly to wherever the mentor is and spend up to two weeks working one-on-one with the mentor. The level of teamwork and dedication raises the stakes to force one to take action and pay attention.

Maybe the WF could have a special forum for mentoring. Where those who are willing to mentor others can post their specialities, services and rates. Newbies could go in there and find the mentor they want to teach them things like article marketing, PPC, CPA, etc.

This is just a suggestion, but if a person is willing to pay for a mentor, they should be allowed to do so. Some people aren't self-educating types. Some people aren't self-starters. But you never know, they could be marketing geniuses, or affiliate superstars, but just lack the direction and focus that a paid mentor can offer.

Just my two cents on the subject.

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    Well said, Marcus. I totally agree with you. I feel bad when newbies are bashed for asking for a mentor. Yes, I agree that they should take some time to research a bit first to see if IM is even something they are committed to doing.

    People who mentor know what they are getting into. Some are equipped to be a mentor and others are not. Just like, some people make great teachers and others do not. If you do not want to mentor newbies because you feel that it will take up too much of your time, etc, etc... then don't. Let the mentors step in and offer their services.

    I have found wonderful mentors through Warrior and I get the sense that they feel the same about me. So, let's not judge all newbies. There are some out there with great potential.

    Most all successful people have had mentors during the early stages of their career. i.e. Tony Robbins, Tiger Woods... The entire Olympic team.
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    Interesting point and whilst not precisely the same subject, take a look at this thread:

    Like to hear your views

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    Marcus, I agree with you wholeheartedly. I know I wouldn't be doing what I am now if it weren't for my two wonderful mentors!

    I think the problem has been that I've seen many people expecting they're going to be mentored for nothing, and it just doesn't work that way.

    Great idea anyway and hopefully it takes off!
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      Christie, *nod. I think the most important thing that any newbie can look for IN a mentor is that the mentor will have them assess their assets and liabilities and then form a PLAN based around those strenghts and weaknesses. For instance, if the newbie is highly organized, but not at all the 'creative type' they would be better suited to things like Virtual Assistant work, placing classified ads, etc, and outsourcing things like copywriting, graphic arts design, and so on. I think that's where most people bow out before they even get started. There are so many facets to marketing any product or service on the Internet and no man is an island.

      Peter, tried that link, page cannot be found.

      Michelle, I know what you mean about people not wanting to pay for it. I wasn't referring to them, I was referring to people like myself who would have been willing to pay, but were never able to find that mentor (for me an online mentor wasn't going to work, I needed personal one-on-one training. I happened to have gotten lucky and made a good friend who turned out to be a mentor as well.)

      I started mastermind meetup because when I saw the numerous posts about meetups here in the WF, but also, when I thought about it, it's a great place for people to find mentors too, and give that same type of mentoring back with their own 'field of expertise'.

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    Perhaps just a few thoughts here for your consideration...

    1. If English, one of the most complicated languages in the world with its nuances and intricacies, is your second language you are trying to learn... that in itself is a very daunting task for many...

    2. If you're brand new to IM and/or brand new to 'forums' ... there is definitely a learning curve and netiquette to be anticipated, learned, experienced, and 'polished'...

    3. If you might even be frustrated with all the IM stuff, when combined with #1 and #2 above... and you're just excited, ready to figure it out, and itching to get going... wow that can be a perplexing and even aggravating set of circumstances to endure.

    Or maybe I just have a special grace for the noobs because I remember so well what it felt like to be one, and to feel abandoned on the mach-3 Interstate/Autobahn of the World... the Internet... [unless of course I was willing to shell out multiple thousands of dollars for some 'coaching' deal to the IMmers who all said that their way was The Way...]

    So if some people we see here look like 'lost kids wandering around a massive shopping center looking for directions,' maybe we can have the same compassion for them as we wanted for ourselves when we were baby noobs, and the same heart for them we would for our own kids if they were 'lost.'

    I just believe we should never forget 'where we came from.'

    A little food for thought -

    Chip Tarver
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      Hey Chip, on a different note - is that you on the drums? I'm a drummer too. Nice to see other members with more than IM in common.

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