Does anyone know how to change purple colored links back to blue colored links?

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Like when you click on a link in Google, it turns purple. How do I change this back to blue? Or is it permanent...
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    No, it's not permanent...

    You can 'reset' the links you have clicked on by : Deleting your Internet Browsing History. It goes by many different names within different browsers : Clear your 'Cache', Delete Temporary Internet Files, Clear your 'Private Data'... You can do this in your browser usually by clicking the top menu item: Tools : Options : delete temp internet files... it's different in every browser, so the wording may vary.

    Which browser are you using?

    - Jared
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    In IE - click on Tools then Internet Options. At the bottom of the list under Appearance, click on colors. Uncheck "use windows colors" and select the color you want (blue for example).
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    Hello, I'm not using IE. I'm using Modzilla Firefox.
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    Got it! Warrior Forum rocks! Thanks guys

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