The Ultimate Peer Profiteer - My Teenager!

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Hi Warriors!

Boy kids really soak up what we do, don’t they? My (just turned) 16 year old son initially saw me building lenses for profit, so he builds a few Halo lenses, sells them, and then provides lens maintenance service on them.

His next foray into entrepreneurialship via the web is that he asked for video making software. I got it for him – a fairly cheap one ($50 or so). I go into my account today to find his YouTube videos are funneling traffic to his money making landing page – a Squidoo lens!

Guess what he’s selling?

He has a “menu” for people to buy his services. They buy him a gamer card and he helps them boost their rank on the game. He offers a service to video them in a game, critique their maneuvers, and then mentor them to be better.


And it’s working! Damn lens gets 51 hits its first week, is already indexed in Google, and he’s got kids signing up on his guestbook and direct via XBox live to pay him for his know-how.


And he has no formal marketing insight. He’s the ultimate web 2.0 peer profiteer.
I’m so proud

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    That's so great! I hope his success continues to grow.

    • Profile picture of the author Amino Zawawi
      I guess IM runs in the family Best of luck to him, I started experimenting around his age, made some bucks editing websites. Nothing beats the feeling of making money at 16, it's like you've hit the jackpot of independence.
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    This thread reminds me of when I started my own lawn cutting business as a young teenager. I kept records of every customer and I had agreements with customers to cut their lawns on a regular basis.

    Even when I was a child, I remember running a coffee and donuts business in the morning from my driveway by the street. We had quite a few people stop by! We were very proud of ourselves to have a police officer stop his cruiser and order up a cup of coffee and a couple donuts.

    In elementary school I learned about entrepreneurship. I had the mindset all my life though.

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