Don't Feed The Troll! (Video: How To Behave On A Forum)

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I was goofing off on Digg today and came across this hilarious video that should be required viewing for anyone who is new to an internet forum.

I'm trying to figure out a way to make this part of the registration process on one of my sites that has a forum!!

Check it out:

Moral of the story:
Be excellent to each other!
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  • Profile picture of the author Nick Brighton
    Brilliant. So funny, yet so true. I wish this would make it to the stickies on the main forum page!!!
  • Profile picture of the author Asher
    Yeh. I agree, LOL

    Fun stuff ;D That's an excellent video.
    The first half doesn't really apply in this
    forum in my opinion but the second half
    is good, useful stuff that people should

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Profile picture of the author Chris Vendilli
    Yeah, I realized some of it doesn't particularly apply to the WF, but is mostly quite true of many forums in general.

    I had to post it since some of the stuff hit the nail on the head for WF. Like don't feed the troll, I thought that was great .
  • Profile picture of the author indexphp
    1:42-1:55 is hilarious...
  • Profile picture of the author mbrown
    LOL! That was pretty good. Chris, send them to 7 thank you pages after they sign up with nothing but this on every page... that should make them view it haha
    • Profile picture of the author GeorgettaSterling

      What is it about people like you who demand constant conformity from forum users? I suppose you just want everyone marching in lock-step to your tune - goose stepping about the parade square, huh? Damn nazi, if you ask me.

      And on a more important note, has anyone figured out how to move to level 18 on World of Warcraft?

      Best Regards, Georgetta

      PS Nintendo Wii is the only game console worth getting. All others suck, as do their owners.
  • Profile picture of the author John Taylor
    Excellent video!

    If possible I'd love to add it to my squidoo lens..
    Forum Trolls & Whiners

    • Profile picture of the author Peter Bestel

      In an ideal world...

      This should be adopted by all ISPs so it's the first thing you HAVE to watch when you first get on the Internet. Then you should be forced to watch it periodically.

      But in an ideal world we wouldn't need it.

      Very funny.

    • Profile picture of the author Chris Vendilli
      Your lens is like the inspiration behind this video methinks.

      I didn't create it, just introduced it to the Warrior Forum.

      I originally found it on Digg, but it's living on MetaCafe.

      I'm sure you can embed it in your Squidoo lens. I think if I try to give you the embed code it's just going to display the videos again in this post. But here it is on Digg, which should lead you where you need to go on MetaCafe if you'd like to include it on your lens:

      Digg - How To Behave On A Forum

      Originally Posted by John Taylor View Post

      Excellent video!

      If possible I'd love to add it to my squidoo lens..
      Forum Trolls & Whiners


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