Nasty Yahoo Answers Cheating - Dangerous!

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This strategy is so simple and I have been getting great results answering questions on yahoo I answers, and having my link go back to my website.

It is no secret that people over there are desperate for answers and somedays (depending on my answers) after tracking I have been able to make 4-5 sales that have come from yahoo answers signatures....

note: you have to give great info and info that will help people for free, that way they will crave more and want to visit your site, sign up and end up least that has been working for me.

But here is the real secret....and it has been working a charm....

If you are answering a question like "how do I get rid of a dog with fleas!?"

1) Answer the question and give a really good information or content. You are better off to get straight to the point.

2) THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART! You sneakily have to put part of the question into your signature. So for this question I would use something like "Give Your Flea-Ridden Dog A Break! - Here's How To Murder Fido's Fleas For Good Without Splurging Or Damaging His Skin!"

3) But Every question will be the same but kind of different...SO I noticed this and tried to incorporate that in my signature and it has been working a treat for different niches.

4) Say If another person asked "What The Cheapest Way To Get Rid Of My Dogs Flea's"

You simply change our ad "Stop Buying Those Expensive Flea Products! - Here's How To Murder Fido's Fleas For Good Without Splurging Or Damaging His Skin!"

See how this works!!!! Sneaky and all assassin-hiding-in-the-trees sort of stuff...mmmmm

I thought this was a cool trick, and really does work well...but here is a few quick note tips to take to the bank with you.

- Make sure your answers are high quality and not just something like "you you could try that"

- Treat your signature like an ad and make the prospect want to click the link i.e. "Kill Your Flu Within 24 hrs Using Grandma Chaps Homemade 'Lung-Butter Gone' Powerful Home Made Remedy!" get the idea right!

- Test and track what signatures are working and what aren't

Test it and let me know how it does for you!

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  • Profile picture of the author kelvin yeo

    What a gem of a post! Thanks so much for sharing this!
  • Profile picture of the author birdfood
    How do you make a signature in yahoo answers?

    I'm both asking and answering questions and so far I can't find anywhere in my profile or out to make a signature,
  • Profile picture of the author Chirag
    Definitely a great post!

    Thanks for sharing.
  • Profile picture of the author clickbump
    Last post on this thread over a year ago...Are these tactics still valid? If so, can someone post step by step on how to create a sig file for your Yahoo answers profile?
  • Profile picture of the author rcwilson4au
    Yes Yahoo is getting smarter about this... I wouldn't recommend it anymore.
  • Profile picture of the author Avdo
    I got banned too, after only couple of hours.. but it was such a great advice
  • Profile picture of the author Will_Surren
    Do you ever post questions with one account and then answer the question with another account that has your sig? Just wondering as I have heard this as a trick before and I hear that it works. I have not tried this myself and wonder if this is a true method that works....
    • Profile picture of the author psresearch
      The irony is that probably everyone getting banned from Yahoo answers is probably providing much more useful information than most of the knuckleheads I see giving answers there on a regular basis.

      C'est la vie.
  • Profile picture of the author Marcel Hartmann
    I put a link into every second answer (to relevant questions, of course), but hide it between links to Amazon or other sites.

    If these other sites rank ahead of me in Google, I'll misspell one and for the others use category/less specific pages that don't rank for that keyword directly. Also, link to your network of sites evenly, not just the money site.

    Too many links from Y!A won't be all that beneficial anyway; I usually aim for 20-30 per site. They are very valuable links if the keyword is in the question title.

    I have not been banned, and have multiple established accounts on the same IP. Probably pushing it...
  • Profile picture of the author steveniam
    If you do not want to be banned by Yahoo Answers, make sure you only leave a hyperlink once in about ten questions you answer. Try to answer questions in other categories so that Yahoo Answers will not consider you as someone who is self-promoting and get you banned.

    Even you are banned and if you are already in Level 2, your hyperlinks will still be active and you will still receive traffic from them. I am still receiving traffic despite my accounts have already been banned.

    The funny thing is - when one of my account was banned last week my points keep on accumulating during the last few days whenever someone choose my answers as the best answers.
  • Profile picture of the author wirelessgeek
    My trick is to only include a link if it is somehow relevant to both the question and the answer I provided. Since my Squidoo Lenses are pretty free-ranging in terms of subject, it's easier to get away with that. And sometimes, just to be sneaky I'll ask a question where the answer can be found in one Lens or another that seems to rank fairly highly in Google. I assume half the better answers are from people who actually use Google.
  • Profile picture of the author Daniel Brock
    If they are so nazi about adding links to replies, why do they even allow it in the first place??

    I mean surely a non-internet marketer will leave a link every few posts - it's just a natural thing to do on the internet. Some people have said they are getting banned with a promo to post ratio 1:10.

    That is freaking ridiculous. You would have to TRY to make sure you don't post links that often....
    • Profile picture of the author Sydp
      I very rarely answer a question that I can't link to something for me. But I never link to 'sales' pages, only to info pages. That's 99-100% linkage, and 0% banning.

      Just like everywhere, you have to look at it from the 'other guy's' point of view. If it looks like you're trying to sell something to him, he feels (and Yahoo! agrees) that you're spamming.

      If, however, he asks, 'what mop works best on tile floor with wide grout?' and you answer "I highly recommend the PVA 10X mop. I love this thing! It soaks up every drop of water and the dirt along with it, meaning the grout is clean without any extra work or cleaning stuff" and include a link to a place where they can buy the PVA 10 X mop, you're answering their question - not trying to sell them something. And you won't get banned.

      However, I don't add that 'sales pitchy' stuff the OP talked about in the resource box. I post what I want to, always thinking, 'would I have posted like this if I never heard of marketing?'
  • Profile picture of the author Silas Hart
    I've never been banned. I find relevant questions, for example "How do I get a woman through online dating" I just say something along the lines of "Well, I don't use the paid sites because I'm a cheap-skate, so POF is probably my favorite that actually you know, works... so do [insert tactic here] to your profile, make sure your username isn't something like "nascar102" because then women may click away thinking your a stereotypical redneck or something. Actually, as lame as this sounds, I bought this book a couple months ago that really helps so I recommend it. (don't leave a pitch at the end of your response) Also, [insert other tactic here], and yeah, internet dating may sound nerdy or something, but with things like myspace and facebook it isn't uncommon for people to hook up over the net nowadays (I put this kind of line as my closing to seem personal and genuine, someone that can be related to)"

    I go out of my way to Not sound formal, like a robot or automated response, I might include a couple commonly misspelled words which I probably do anyways, all to sound personal. By the way, I sell a health related eBook, not a "How to get a woman through online dating" eBook, although it probably wouldn't be a bad idea for me to write one despite the fact that I have no real experience in the field.

    Notice, I didn't say "ebook" - I think certian words send up flags to Yahoo about it being spam.

    Then in the source part of your answer, I put in the sales page/website URL, and if its a good sales page (mine isn't bad, could probably be better) then you may make the sale.

    Something to note, is that often people will type in the same question "How do I get a woman through online dating" into Google, and then people flock to Yahoo Answers once it shows up as a link (as people know it's "real" people who discuss things, as opposed to a plain website or article with a somewhat relevant answer) and your website/sales page will get more traffic, which of course, could mean more sales.

    I don't consider this an actual formula or anything, but for every hidden marketing answer I leave on Yahoo Answers, I answer at least 10 others. Half the time, questions are asked from people just a little too lazy to use Google (but people like the discussion type of response) so I do, and I form up a decent answer... and thats that.

    I don't feel like Yahoo Answers is something you can just copy and paste a pre-made marketing answer and expect good things and not to get banned... It's a community, people actually report things as they do like a forum.

    ....Just my experience.
  • Profile picture of the author adamv
    I don't use yahoo answers anymore, it doesn't seem worth it. I have not been banned before but I have had many answers deleted.

    My answers were voted best answer by the person asking the question but still got taken down because I had the nerve to put a link in the resource section where they ALLOW them. :-(
  • Profile picture of the author deanfz
    I treid this methods a few weeks ago and I also got banned a few hours later. This thread makes me think about how easy it would have been in the past to make money online. It get's harder and harder. But on the other side the information gets better and better espescially on forums like this


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