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I'm sure most of you have noticed or may in fact have these on your site.

If you have firefox, you can see on the left hand side of the tab, that the WF logo appears in a small box there.

My question is this...

How the heck do you do that?


Thanks Warriors!
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    It's called a FAVICO - rather then me ramble about it just check for it in google and you'll get some very detailed, straight forward tutorials.

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    there should be a file called favico.ico in your websites root directory which contains your current icon...

    basically all you need to do is make a new icon, save it as favico.ico and replace the file i mentioned

    take care!
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    I have the software to do just pm me with the details and i will be happy to oblige.No cost..

    My favicon is my avatar as well ME...
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      I have animated ones, on two of my sites in my signature. PM me if you would like to know where to make them, but don't ask me how to load them as all my attempts at doing this failed! I paid someone to do it in the end


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