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Unless I'm completely misunderstanding the way PayPal works, if you create a buy button that redirects the purchaser to a download page after the sale is completed, you cannot encrypt it. The result is that your download page URL is then clear for everyone to see in your sales page source code.

Pretty stupid.

I'm aware that products such as DL Guard and EasyDownload Protector can solve the problem.

However, I am building a one page site for a friend and he doesn't yet have the funds for a 'big' solution.

In looking around I came across a product called Paylock Generator, which seems to be the answer. It alows you to still use many of the button attributes that PayPal consider to be 'advanced' (and so unencryptable) - including a download page redirect - and quickly and easily encrypts the lot.

For just over $1 it seemed like a great solution. I built the button and tested it. It worked, but unfortunately, it has one drawback for me - it only allows the price of the product to be entered in US Dollars. There are no other currencies supported.

My friend's product is aimed squarely at the UK market and he really needs his pricing to be in Pounds Sterling.

So - does anyone know of a PayPal Pay Button creator/encryptor that works with currencies other than Dollars?



P.S. I know that there are lots of alternatives to PayPal that he could (and probably should) look into - notably ClickBank, PayDotCom and 1ShoppingCart - and he will in due course. Right now though, he just needs the quick and simple solution that PayPal gives him.
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    Martin if he is in the UK and needs it to be in £ try google checkout as an alternative.

    I've used the return on paypal, and the button is normally encrypted.

    The other alternative is e-junkie which you can sell in £ and cost $5 a month for up to 10 products being sold.
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      Return is good, but your thankyou page can be found via google and unfortunately many people are trying to do so. I believe digivendor is the cheapest and best alternative out there. I'm using it with success and it' slike $50 or less...

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