Google tailoring search results for individual users?

Profile picture of the author winebuddy by winebuddy Posted: 09/26/2010
I have been doing some SEO work for a company for the last month.

Yesterday afternoon - I noticed that the company was enjoying a #1 ranking for just about every variation of a recent keyword I was targeting.

I was excited!

Then I went to several other computers and the search results were NOT what they were on my computer.

I was signed OUT of my Google account on my computer when I did these searches. Today - same thing. The company has #1 rankings for all kinds of keywords - BUT - ONLY on my computer.

Anyone know whats going on with this? :confused:
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  • Profile picture of the author oneplusone
    I've never experienced that before, have you tried clearing the cache and flash cookies also.

    I know google use flash cookies, a lot of people don't realize that - after you have used gmail for example they have put flash cookies on your computer.
  • Profile picture of the author babypar
    Did removing cookies change your results

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