Where can I sell my articles for the most money?

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Hey everyone, I write about 5 articles/day and each are unique, original and will pass copyscape as well. I'm wondering where is the best place to sell these articles.

I heard about doing this here and packaging articles as a wso and selling them that way. However I want to get some other peoples input here and see what other ideas people have.

Thanks in advance
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    You should look at this website: associatedcontent.com, It pay 3-5 bucks for a original article
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      Thank you. I've tried there and submitted 5 articles and none of them were accepted for some reason. Also, for the amount that they pay for an article it's not really worth it for $3-$5.
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      Originally Posted by cpasalejerry View Post

      You should look at this website: associatedcontent.com, It pay 3-5 bucks for a original article
      lolzzz. It takes me to Yahoo Voices . I was happy to see that it will be paying $3-$5 per articles but sad after following the link.
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    Don't just think 'online' - think offline too. Many publications need content. From newsletters to articles in neighborhood newspapers and magazines. Depending on your content/niche there are bound to be offline avenues. If you're in the US stop by you're local library and check out an issue of Writer's Digest or their Writer's market. It should give you some ideas.
    good luck,
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    oh wow...I love it that is an awesome idea. Thank you jacktackett I am going to look into it more
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      Online, another option is Constant-Content.com because you can set the price. They take a percentage so set your price accordingly but I know people who consistently get from $75-150 per articles there.

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    write hundreds of them in hot niche (search here what is hot niche now).
    Bundle and package it here, and sell in WSO here.
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    AssociatedContent are very strict with their approval process. I would suggest firstly setting up your own website where you can sell them direct and then bundle them up and sell as a WSO. Remember that WSO is to be a better price than what customers can buy them anywhere else so it is best to offer some sort of deal in your WSO that customers going direct to your website don't get.

    If you have your own website, then you can start building a list and this is your customer base that you can sell more articles to later on.

    If you can afford it I recommend getting a copy of Tiffany Dow's PLR ATM, it will tell you everything you need to know about setting up a PLR business.
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    Well the easiest route you can do with your own articles is, bundle them all base on niche category. i.e Internet Marketing articles, health artciles, hosting articles etc. If you don't have website you can use e-junke to deliver your articles.

    Then open WSO here and start selling your articles, you can sell it as PLR articles like most do it here. Hope that can give you some ideas and good luck to you.
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    Constant Content pays much better than any other site I have submitted articles to. In fact, a few weeks ago someone purchased an article I had written for $65 with full rights! Of course, packaging them up as PLR is a great idea, too.

    On Constant Content, you can sell articles that are distributed elsewhere on the web as long as you only list them for "usage" and not full or licensed rights.

    Good luck!

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    Constant Content also allows content buyers to post requested topics. You can use that to help you choose topics for your articles that will make them more marketable.

    Be aware, though, that CC takes a sizeable cut of your earnings – 35%.
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    You could have a PLR site and package them to sell as PLR, making sales over and over for the same content. You could have a content site and sell them as unique articles, setting a much higher price for a one time sale per article. If you had a content site and sold each article just once, priced for being unique content, you could do well... or you could do some of both.

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