Anybody know any good writers in attract women niche?

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We're talking people who would INSTANTLY know what I meant by PUA and AFC without looking it up.

People with real knowledge in the niche.

If so, I have work for you. Possibly lots of it depending on how good you are.

Please contact me.

writers AT platinum-dreams DOT com
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    Why do you need someone with instant knowledge of what a pick-up artist is? Freelance writers research and find out that stuff. Knowledge of how to attract women and the whole PUA niche doesn't mean they're a good writer.

    I've had people that know nothing about those seduction niches and have written better stuff than someone with that knowledge. How? Because they research.
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      Been there, done that.

      It's a STEEP learning curve to get them up to where I need them.

      Need them for advanced CREATIVE stuff - not info rehash and somebody who has a specific interest in the niche will have a massive head start.

      Thanks for your thoughts though.

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