Your opinions on my new sales letter format please

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I am preparing to release my latest product for the video publishing market.

I'd like to get some feedback on my sales page and video presentations.

Any suggestions on improvements and feedback would be greatly appreciated:

This is a new style of sales letter for me.

The main question I am looking to get answered is whether I explain enough about the product with the limited copy and ample demonstrations?

I'd be interested in your opinion though on my simple layout and template as well. It is designed to eliminate distraction and focus on getting the visitor to read the copy, view the demos, and take action.
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    Well first of all it looks like a truly excellent product. The one thing I find a little disconcerting about all sites that have video on them is that a lot of the time the video obscures the sales copy. Maybe this is just me, but it encourages me to click away fom the page - I don't know if there has been any split testing done on that sort of thing?

    However, the simple layout is excellent. Again, I personally think that anything that distracts the visitor away from what you are telling them is a negative. Currently a lot of sale pages are beoming more and more advanced in their graphics with fabulous headers and footers, and i'm sure that these can possibly distract the reader from the sales message. They do however offer some "social proof" that the vendor is not some kind of snake oil salesman by making the site look professional. However, your site looks so professional and is such an advanced product, that you have that social proof and don't need any fancy graphics that would disctract the reader.

    A split test would be the only way to make sure though!

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      Nice Work Josh,

      The copy was precise, clear and looked professional .....

      I enjoyed reading it.... Hope this does a great job for you ......

      Good Luck and Keep up the good work

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    I also do not line the video in the middle of the top of the screen at the beginning. It annoys me & would be better to one side or the other. Also, since the controls are not self-evident, some people may just leave the page rather than figure out how to turn it off.
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      I really liked the page about from the scrolling video following me down the page. Made it a little difficult to read all the information. Apart from that it is a nice page.
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    I immediately click away from audio or video that starts automatically. I want to read some of the offer before making a decision to see or hear more.
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      Hi Josh...

      a few points.

      1) I MUCH prefer the way the video appears to the left of the headline here: Transparent Video - Transparent Video Effect - Alpha Channel Video

      2) The upward scrolling caused by the ending of the 1st video was unexpected - I was reading and scrolling down while it was playing.

      3) the floating square video (2nd automatic video) seemed out of place - I would have wanted it to be integrated into the page I think.

      4) the overall layout, being basic, is fairly nice - it does its job without being distracting. The bullets could probably do with being a little smaller though.

      Kindest regards,
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    Ok here my 2 cents,

    I would start the first video, (green screen) on the left instead of the right.

    Then I would set a graphic, to (dim) the rest of the webpage, so that the focus is entirely on the video, (you can setup an opacity for the graphic, so that the webpage, is there but just dim,)

    Or, put a skin on the video, to separate it from the rest of the webpage.

    personally I would try both out to see which one is the most effective.

    Or even try both out at the same time, a skin and a dim graphic,

    (I may not have explained that the right way)

    but I think you know what I mean, since you are already using layers, to show the video, just add that option, to the code.
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      Overall, I loved the layout and how the videos present itself.

      At first I was a bit skeptical about the beige/yellow background. But then again its about experimenting. It could work and it might not work. The best thing to do is split test it with a separate page that has different background colors.
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      I liked the layout. Great work.

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