My first review blog - (for an IPad Apps eBook)

by NewbiePaul 7 replies
Would appreciate the views of the experts here on my first review site.. I knocked this WP blog up this morning.

Any tips for improvement from a grammatical/sales/ SEO or any other point of view would be gratefully recieved!

see it here:

Kind regards
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    Nice niche, great idea.
    First and IMHO most important in order to gain visitor's curiosity and trust -
    IMPROVE YOU SITE GRAPHICS... (yes, I shout it....)
    You have wisely chosen WP - now make a small effort and look for a good looking theme - free or maybe a premium one
    BUT it has to be connected to the blog subject i.e. Ipad apps !!!!
    I think that a visitor's first impression of the site would be
    (This is a good source for making money with Ipad apps)

    after you have improved the look&feel of the site, go to content improvement
    put a solid link on the pages menu for the review (simply create a page as the review not a post)
    and than go for a good auto content provider

    I wish to recommend one which is 2 - a good site for unique free content and...
    for members (free) they provide some very good looking themes

    example of such a blog: Natural Dog Food - Products, reviews, recipes

    It looks nice, clean and inviting yet cost me ~ zero $$$ :-) I only changed the right side picture, that's all
    good luck
    Ido Jansen
    Author of the "Practical Internet Money guide"[B]
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    Thanks Ido...
    Some questions then...
    1) Wheres a good place to get relevant Ipad type graphics?
    2) Based on what ive read here Thesis is a good theme?.. or do you recommend any others? Does it actually matter too much?
    3) With regard content.. just to clarify what you're saying.:
    - i creat a new page (not a post)
    - I sign up to
    - I get content written to this page for free...?

    thanks very much for your time Ido..really kind of you and much appreciated!

    Paul ;-)
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    I don't have any experience with Thesis but I know you can find a lot of good free themes out there.
    Don't be afraid to test and error - you can upload some themes to your blog
    and have a preview of them prior to activation
    (you do that inside the "themes" section of your WP-admin)

    Let me clarify the page issue:
    Your most important page in this blog is the review of the product, right?
    since this is the case, write the review as a new page rather then a post.
    This will allow you to do several things:
    * have a constant link to the page in the menu. this depends on the theme but most themes show the pages in a top menu
    * have this page be your home page

    Once you did that you can start bringing new content in the form of posts
    you can either write them yourself, buy some unique articles or use a content provider service such as
    and the content is free - they are actually looking for blogs all the time

    make sure you have the following free plugins installed and configured:
    * google sitemap generator
    * all in one SEO
    * yet-another-related-posts

    Last, search this forum for the all-in-one thread for Wordpress - priceless information

    Good luck,
    Ido Jansen
    Author of the "Practical Internet Money guide"[B]
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  • Profile picture of the author misterhu
    This is a great site. I’m with them in saying to improve your theme. Have you tried social bookmarking? You can register on these sites to post updates and get more traffic on your site. You can visit to see a list of these sites where you can sign up for increased traffic.
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  • I've had a look at your website and it looks good. I've also used this template for building all my websites and it's my favorite. Having said that, I would like to suggest some improvements for your site:
    [1] Every self-respecting business needs a logo. Therefore you should have a proper logo designed for your online business.
    [2] You should have a customized banner for your website. This template enables you to upload your own banner. Your banner must have your logo placed on it next to the title of your website (i.e. the name of your business and a short line describing it) and preferably also a catchy slogan.
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  • Profile picture of the author ccollett
    shameless plug here: iphoneized dot com

    It's a blog I started a year and a half ago and it's kind of been sitting stagnant (still gets almost 400 uniques a day though). Some great resources there. I was thinking about trying to grow the traffic, I'll make another post in here somewhere and ask for feedback/advice as I'm a noob here. Great frackin forum though!
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