HELP - Clickbank account deactivated or suspended??

by quickcashstrategy Banned 11 replies
hey! one of my partners, he try to check out today if his affiliate link works and he got this message:

The link you clicked on has expired. The link was created by an affiliate of the ClickBank network whom has since been deactivated or temporarily suspended. We apologize for any inconvenience!

...but his account his still active, all of his affiliates link say the same message, do you know why?
and why Clickbank doesn't delete his account?
anyone has like this problem, how to resole it?
thnx advance
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    Probably something only Clickbank can answer. I would contact them. If he did get his account suspended, it must have been for something really bad - it takes a lot to get booted by Clickbank.
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    My account is also still active, but I can't login. I've tried resetting my password and logging in, but nothing.

    Hopefully someone who has experienced this can shed some light.
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    Clickbank will delete your affiliate account if you have a negative balance in there for a long time.

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      Originally Posted by dave147 View Post

      Clickbank will delete your affiliate account if you have a negative balance in there for a long time.
      Well in my case, I actually had a positive balance, but I tried logging in and nothing. I can reset my password for my account so I know it's still an active account.
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        Originally Posted by thomasB View Post

        How can you get clickbank negative balance?
        When people return and you already recieved payment Account balance is 0.00 then they returned making it a negative

        That kinda situation ^^

        Ní hé lá na gaoithe lá na scolb - The windy day is not the day for thatching.

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      Originally Posted by dave147 View Post

      I would try the "Forgot your password" link first.
      Yep did that, but nothing. I guess worst comes worst, I can open another account.
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    he can access to his account and see anything there, I'm talking about his affiliate ID doesn't work with any affiliate program.
    anywhere he can setup a new account with the same info even clickbank delete his first one?
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    why are you not contacting clickbank about this
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    Probably a temporary access problem, happened to me before.


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      Originally Posted by Nerdylady View Post

      i got the same like quickcashstrategy any idea why?
      This topic is over 2 years old. I highly doubt he's still around to help
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